Can Two-Factor Authentication Fix Mobile Security?

A staggering 95% of IT decision-makers admit obstacles to increased user mobility, according to a new survey. The study, ‘2015 Global Authentication and Identity Access Management Index,’ polled 900 IT decision-makers and was conducted by Vance Bourne for Dutch digital security firm Gemalto. ‘The pressure is on for IT departments to accommodate demands for greater mobility as employees crave new and flexible approaches to working,’ said François Lasnier, senior vice president for Identity Protection at Gemalto. ‘Organizations that are not open to this change are very likely to be inhibiting business productivity.’ Furthermore, the growing use of cloud applications and mobile devices within organizations, combined with rising threats and the need to reduce costs, indicate an immediate need for authentication and access management solutions, he said. Users are likely to do whatever it takes to get the job done with or without permission, he said, so when corporate resources are scattered across different sites, the need for strong authentication and as-a-service delivery will be vital to making this happen securely.

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