BYOD/Big Data

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BYOD Drives Prevalence of Insider Threat – Infosecurity Magazine

Over three-fifths of IT professionals believe that insider threats are more difficult to spot than attacks by malicious third parties, with the explosion in mobile endpoints a key challenge, according

Employees represent the ‘biggest data security risk’

IT professionals believe that compliance and regulation, and the unpredictable behaviour of employees will have the biggest impact on data security according to a new Concensus survey commissioned by independent

Using Virtualization To Enhance Security, Save On Infrastructure –

Gone are the days when employees joined the organizations with lifetime commitment. There are competing priorities including family considerations, children’s education, job of the spouse etc. in addition to age

The 5 worst big data privacy risks (and how to guard against them) – CSO Online

Big data, as its proponents have been saying for nearly a decade now, can bring big benefits: advertisements focused on what you actually want to buy, smart cars that can

Top Big Data Security Concerns – Datamation

Big data security is a constant concern because Big Data deployments are valuable targets to would-be intruders. A single ransomware attack might leave your big data deployment subject to ransom

Fostering a safe place for businesses to work in – Help Net Security

It’s no secret that in the past few years, business leaders have begun to realise the potential of digital transformation to give their organisation a competitive edge. Through driving productivity,

To secure BYOD, involve the business in managing its mobile privacy – CSO – The Resource for Data Security Executives

IT security organisations can boost adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) programs by delegating control over employee data privacy to business owners, a VMware security specialist has advised as

Big Data Keeps Growing, and So Does Its Security Concerns – Virtual-Strategy Magazine

In a world of convoluted technology, confusing terms, and acronyms and initialisms, it’s nice when something is simply and accurately named. Like big data: a big and ever-growing collection of

Why management is key to leveraging the power of big data – CIO

As big data continues to expand, companies are faced with both new opportunities and challenges. Businesses can uncover new insights or strategies with big data, but they have to take

How the Government is Using Big Data for Cybersecurity – Virtual-Strategy Magazine

From viruses to malware and phishing, cyber attacks have increased in recent years and have led to the loss of billions of dollars and countless amounts of private information. Many