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Microsoft Announces Important Security Update For All Windows 10 Users

Microsoft has had something of a rough time of late when it comes to Windows 10 updates, with the blame resting firmly on its doorstep. When these updates impact negatively on

Conficker: A 10-year Retrospective On A Legendary Worm

This November marked the 10-year anniversary of Conficker, a fast-spreading worm targeting Microsoft systems that went on to claim one of the highest levels of infection in history. Millions of

How To Use The IIoT To Immunize Against Critical Infrastructure Hacks

On May 25th, the FBI recommended that all U.S. households and small businesses reboot their internet routers, due to infection by Russian malware. In March, we had reports of Russia hacking U.S.

Security’s Role in the Shift Left in Application Security

As our dependency on software continues to grow, organizations are increasingly taking an agile and DevOps approach to software application development. As a result, the development and operation teams have

What is the best form of cyber defence?

Undoubtedly, the biggest threat that businesses have to deal with today is cyber-attacks. From having files and systems locked by ransomware, through to denial-of-service attacks bringing down entire services, there’s

Two-Pronged Approach Offers Best Data Protection Against Ransomware

By Linus Chang, Founder and CEO At BackupAssist, One of the biggest challenges that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face is protecting their critical data in an era of increasing

Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Ransomware Attacks – Information Security Buzz

Artificial intelligence has become a highly competitive industry that is expanding rapidly thanks to the investments made by the high-tech corporations and state governments worldwide. The prospects of using the

Defending against fileless malware – Information Age

Fileless malware has attracted a lot of attention recently, due to the difficulty that security solutions are having in defending against it.Cyber attackers are aware of the difficulties defenders have

Dirty COW Linux kernel zero-day exploited in the wild is now patched – Help Net Security

Linux developer Phil Oester has spotted attackers exploiting a Linux kernel zero-day privilege escalation flaw that dates back to 2007, and has raised the alarm. Click here to view original

How Not To Pay A Ransom: 3 Tips For Enterprise Security Pros

By Venu Gopal Rao, Founder and CEO, We Secure App How Not To Pay A Ransom: 3 Tips For Enterprise Security Pros How ransomware is ransacking enterprise revenues At the