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Payment Card Industry Security Compliance: What You Need to Know

In the dynamic world of payments, transaction security is of paramount importance. When we speak with our customers and partners, the topic of payment security and Payment Card Industry (PCI)

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CompTIA Rolls Out New Cybersecurity, Managed Print Best-Practice Standards

Two new best business practices for partners– CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity and the CompTIA Channel Standard for Managed Print Providers – were rolled out today by the vendor neutral technology

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PCI: 5 New Security Requirements

Five best practices noted in version 3.0 of the PCI Data Security Standard will become requirements after June 30, and smaller merchants are likely to be the most affected, says

Identity Theft

Fighting Card Fraud: Going Beyond EMV

While the EMV chip is more secure than the magnetic stripe, it won’t eliminate payment card fraud, says Jeremy King, international director of the PCI Security Standards Council. In an


Experts Comment on new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Experts Comment on new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a post from: Information Security Buzz. Retail/payment security experts from HP Security Voltage and Lancope commented on the new

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Pci Dss Updated to Address SSL Risk

Security Standards Council Urges Use of Current TLS Protocol The PCI Security Standards Council has published a new version of its data security standard that calls for ending the use

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ISO floats storage security standard

The International Standards Organisation reckons the world needs help securing its data, so has published a new storage security standard to cover it. Because The Register isn’t about to shell out

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Newly Released 2015 Pci Dss Policies Available for Instant Download for North American Businesses from pcipolicyportal …

PCI DSS policies are available for instant download today from the global leader in PCI DSS policies and procedures, that’s pcipolicyportal.com. The all-in-one Policies Packet contains all necessary material for

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Misztal: ‘There Are Neither Incentives Nor Penalties For Companies To Adopt

USAK Center for American Studies conducted an in-depth interview with Blaise Misztal, Foreign Policy Director of the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington D.C., on the protection of critical infrastructure in

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Agencies Mold Regulations around ‘Voluntary’ Cyber Standards

Federal regulators are adapting voluntary cybersecurity standards to suit industries they oversee, for what could pan to be requirements. Boat owners became the latest “critical infrastructure” industry that might be