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Security Essentials for CIO’s: Establishing a Department of Yes

Consider for a moment the most vital operation in your enterprise. It might run financial processing around the world, control a city’s electrical distribution, or handle millions of passengers’ airline


Over 225,000 Apple accounts compromised via iOS malware

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks and China-based WeipTech have unearthed a scheme that resulted in the largest known Apple account theft caused by malware. All in all, some 225,000 valid

Identity Theft

Breach Recovery Costs More in Virtual Environments

Businesses pay nearly double to recover from a security breach if a virtual infrastructure is affected during a cyber-attack, according to a new survey of 5,500 companies released by security specialist

Vendor News

FaceCrypt Announces Release of FaceCrypt Pro, the Latest Personal Data Security Application for iPhone

LONDON, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — FaceCrypt’s latest personal security app for iPhone, FaceCrypt Pro, will be released September 1, 2015. FaceCrypt Pro includes Touch ID access, which offers users a

Identity Theft

Here’s How Iranian Hackers Can Hack Your Gmail Accounts

Hackers are getting smarter in fooling us all, and now they are using sophisticated hacking schemes to get into your Gmail. Yes, Iranian hackers have now discovered a new way

Vendor News

ownCloud Taps HackerOne to Bring Its Security Strategy to the Next Level with New ownCloud Security Bug Bounty Program

ownCloud, Inc., the company behind the world’s most popular open source enterprise file sync and share software, Saturday announced the launch of the ownCloud Security Bug Bounty Program, adding an


Corebot is the new data Stealer discovered by IBm’s X-Force

Corebot is the name of a new data stealer malware discovered by the experts at IBM Security X-Force while they were analyzing some endpoints protected by their product, the Trusteer


FBI Alert: Business Email Scam Losses Exceed $1.2 Billion

Experts Say Incidents Are Underreported, Offer Tips on Minimizing Risks The FBI estimates fraud losses linked to so-called business email compromise scams worldwide have exceeded $1.2 billion in less than


Around 9 in 10 Brits Don’t Secure Devices when Connecting to WiFi Abroad

Intel Security has conducted a study into British holiday makers’ internet use when travelling abroad to determine how security savvy holidaymakers are. Worryingly, nearly nine in ten (89%) respondents said

BYOD/Big Data

Corporate BYOD Programs Continue to Grow; Security Risks Rise – mHealthIntelligence

As the number of smartphones and other mobile devices continues to increase throughout the general population worldwide, the likelihood that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are instituted will likely