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TrickBot Is Hand-Picking Private Banks for Targets — With Redirection Attacks in Tow!

IBM X-Force research follows organized cybercrime and continually monitors the criminals’ targets and modus operandi. In a recent analysis of TrickBot campaigns in the U.K. Click here to view original


Ransomware Set to Increase, With Attacks to or from the Cloud – Infosecurity Magazine

Whenever we read about breaches, hacks or denial-of-service attacks, they are always carried out with a common aim: either to gain or prevent access to personal or corporate information. Data


XMR Squad Is Charging German Companies €250 for “DDoS Tests”

A group calling itself XMR Squad has spent all last week launching DDoS attacks against German businesses and then contacting the same companies to inform them they had to pay


87 Percent of Companies Plan to Invest in Security-as-a-Service in the Next 12 Months – eSecurity Planet

A recent survey of 301 U.S.-based IT security professionals found that fully 87 percent of respondents plan to migrate to a security-as-a-service model within the next year. Click here to

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Data Breach at AMP Trading Exposed Customer Credit Reports, SSNs, More

A data breach at an online futures trading brokerage left exposed thousands of files, including credit reports, passport scans, and customer chat logs. The leak, now secured, was identified and reported

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Verizon data breach study finds cyber espionage on the rise – TheHill

Cyber espionage is the most common attack targeting manufacturing companies, the public sector and education organizations, Verizon found in its annual investigate report on data breaches released Thursday. Click here

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What a decade of data breach investigations can teach us – Computerworld

For the last decade, Verizon has published its annual Data Breach Investigations Report. The first comprised only Verizon’s own investigations and was focused on the finance and retail sectors. Today


The mobile app security risk is growing – Mobile Payments Today

For baseball players, it’s an MVP season; for actors, an Oscar; for musicians, best single or album. Every field has its ultimate accomplishment, a holy grail. Hackers have it too:

Industry Insights

Why businesses have the wrong cybersecurity mindset, and how they can fix it – TechRepublic

While businesses understand the importance of cybersecurity, they are relying on outdated strategies and misguided mindsets to protect themselves, according to a new report from CompTIA, released Tuesday. Click here

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Chipotle hacked in latest data breach of credit, debit cards –

Chipotle dished out some more bad news to its customers and this time, it may hurt your wallet instead of your gut. The company said in a statement that its