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IT Compliance

How Breach Simulations can Assist with PCI Compliance: Networkworld White Paper

While compliance should be nothing more than a by product of a good security practice, it doesn’t always equate to organizations actually being secure. What is needed is a new


Mobile Banking Security: 7 Reasons Why The Apps You Use Are Not Safe – Appknox – Mobile App Security, Resources, Best Practices & News

Mobile banking has been trending in the Indian banking ecosystem. Financial institutions have been promoting and heavily publicizing mobile banking over traditional banking. The strategy is simple, when customers install


Security Best Practices for the Internet of Things

I recently spoke at the latest InteropITX conference on the topic of IoT and cloud security. At the beginning of the session I asked a fun and simple question: “How


Cradlepoint nine best practices for network security in retail

Although the retail landscape is becoming increasingly distributed, bricks-and-mortar is experiencing a sustained resurgence. Some of the world’s largest online retailers, including Alibaba and Amazon, are testing in-store strategies, and

Industry Insights

Cyber crime will cost businesses $8 trillion by 2022 – ITProPortal

Cyber attacks will cost businesses across the world $8 trillion in the next five years, according to a new Juniper Research report. Just to put things in perspective, India’s entire

Industry Insights

7 cyber security threats to SMEs and how to secure against them

Small businesses that see themselves as too small to be targeted by cyber criminals are putting themselves at direct risk. In fact, small businesses are at an equal, if not

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity in a digital world: Transforming risk management with an eye to the 20/20s –

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that the financial services industry needs to digitise to survive; nevertheless, the scope and speed of digital transformation still leaves many an individual bewildered. Artificial intelligence


Practical steps to cyber security for law firms – Legal Futures

On average, 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred per day in 2016, according to a report from the FBI. Diving deeper, ransomware attacks on businesses have become more frequent as well. Between


7 ways to protect your Apple computers against ransomware – TechRepublic

Malware is somewhat of an anomaly on Macs. For years, Apple users reveled in the knowledge that their OS of choice was impervious to viral infection. Apple even highlighted this


Security Breach: How Mobile Apps Can Threaten Your Private Information – Santa Monica Observer

Have you ever worried about the security of the apps on your smartphone? If you have, you’re not alone. If you haven’t, either you feel you have a mobile security