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Windows 10 to Get Built-in Protection Against Most Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Ransomware Everywhere Not a Single Place to Hide! But, Microsoft has a simple solution to this problem to protect millions of its users against most ransomware attacks. Two massive

Industry Insights

Do we live in a riskier world? C-suite and senior level experts weigh in – Help Net Security

72 percent of global business leaders say they’re operating in a riskier world, spurred by increasingly regulated industries, advanced technology and rapid digitalization, according to BDO USA. Click here to

Identity Theft

The path to protecting health data: 10 steps to get started – Help Net Security

The information in your medical records can be more valuable than your credit card numbers to a cybercriminal. Experts estimate healthcare data is 50 times more valuable to hackers than


Government cloud adoption may make security easier – CSO Online

As the cybersecurity environment becomes more complicated, federal IT professionals are seeing the cloud as more of an ally than a potential threat. The biggest challenge is to make sure

Vendor News

New infosec products of the week​: June 30, 2017 – Help Net Security

Akamai introduced Enterprise Threat Protector, a solution designed specifically to address the “intelligence gap” in DNS infrastructure. Using threat data gathered through Akamai’s Cloud Security Intelligence capabilities, Enterprise Threat Protector


Web Apps Can Be More Secure With Machine Learning

The percentage of data breaches that used web application attacks has grown rapidly. A new report recommends machine learning tech for web app security testing. Click here to view original


Fileless malware: The smart person’s guide – TechRepublic

Typical malware detection software functions based on signature detection or identifiable pieces of code that are unique to a particular type of infection. Other malware, such as ransomware, doesn’t always

Industry Insights

7 elements of a successful security awareness program – CSO Online

When I was asked to keynote a CSO event four years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find that security culture was the top concern of the CSOs in attendance. Having performed


Decrypting the Motivations Behind NotPetya/ExPetr/GoldenEye

Experts discuss the methods and targets involved in this week’s massive malware outbreak to figure out what motivated attackers. This week’s massive ransomware outbreak has left security experts grappling to


Petya: Is it ransomware or cyberwarfare? – CSO Online

The Petya ransomware attack was announced as headline news in major media outlets globally earlier this week. At first blush, infected organizations were asking themselves, “Should we or shouldn’t we?” Pay the