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Breach-Proofing Your Data in a GDPR World

Here are six key measures for enterprises to prioritize over the next few months.The massive data breaches that have hit the headlines in recent years, including Yahoo, Verizon, and particularly


Widespread API use heightens cybersecurity risks

A new Imperva survey showed a heightened concern for cybersecurity risk related to API use. Specifically, 63 percent of respondents are most worried about DDoS threats, bot attacks, and authentication

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Building a coping mechanism for data breaches

Data breaches may be daily news, but they will always be a significant worry for business stakeholders. It is the IT team, however, that have to deal with the technical

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Improve collaboration to overcome cyber-attack security issues, say transportation security leaders

One of the keys to averting cyber-attacks on critical US transportation infrastructure, such as 2016’s ransomware attack on San Francisco’s transit network, lies in industry-wide collaboration, according to security experts


The Three Rs of Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape: Risk, Ransomware and Reputation

One of the most valuable weapons in any cybersecurity specialist’s arsenal is insight. Accessing and analysing data about threat types, volumes, methods and motivations offers a critical edge when designing


Crypto-Mining: The Next Ransomware

Hackers are opportunistic by nature. As device manufacturers continue to add more CPU cores and gigabytes of RAM to smartphones and tablets as well as enterprise-grade cloud servers, these devices

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Highlights From the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Risks Report 2018′

“In a world of complex and interconnected systems, feedback loops, threshold effects and cascading disruptions can lead to sudden and dramatic breakdowns.” — The World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks Report

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Creating an Incident Response Checklist to Prepare for a Data Breach

When faced with an external attack or data breach, an organization is helpless unless it has an incident response plan firmly in place. The goal of such a plan is

BYOD/Big Data IT Compliance

Top Four Challenges That Can Create Tough Sledding for Your Data Security and Compliance Program

Running a data security program can be an overwhelming and, at times, a thankless job. With one foot in the security world and the other in the database world managing


Proactive vs. Reactive: Which is Better for DDoS Defence?

Distributed denial of service, or more commonly abbreviated as DDoS, is a classic form of cyber-attack in the world of enterprises. The last 18 months has ushered in the era