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Safer Internet Day 2018 Not Without IoT Security

Safer internet day 2018- admirable goal, but impossible to achieve without considering IoT Security.“Safer internet day 2018” was celebrated on February 6th. It was an opportunity to stop and think

Identity Theft

How Bad Biometrics Decisions Can Create a Lasting Brand Nightmare

Great brands earn the trust of their loyal customers over time. But, brands are created by businesses, businesses are created by people, and people make mistakes. Fixing a mistake can


Cybersecurity pros don’t feel equipped to stop insider attacks

Based on interviews with nearly 1,500 cybersecurity professionals over three years, Haystax Technology released a study that makes it clear that organizations are feeling the pressure from insider threats and

Industry Insights

A view of the global threat landscape: Cybercrime and intrusion trends

Established and well-resourced cyber operations will continue to innovate, developing new methods of distributing crimeware and incorporating advanced tactics to infiltrate, disrupt and destroy systems, according to a new report


In the Cloud, On the Ground: Securing Office 365 and Hybrid Environments

Within the last two decades, companies have spent billions, and more likely trillions, converting analog information to digital. At the same time, we’re producing data at rates few could imagine


What is SQL injection? This oldie but goodie can make your web applications hurt

SQL injection attacks are well-understood and easily preventable, and the priority for risk mitigation should be preventing SQL injection attacks in the first place. Listen to Little Bobby Tables and

IT Compliance

Everything your business should know about the impending GDPR

Businesses need to take a risk-based approach, focusing compliance efforts on their biggest vulnerabilities With the GDPR deadline passing the 100 day mark recently, the May 25th deadline looms closer.

Identity Theft

Business leaders need to keep up with data breach headlines

New software also brings with it new threats to the overall security of an organisation, so understanding the potential risks and vulnerabilities software introduces is essential if businesses want to

Vendor News

CrowdStrike Reports Average Breakout Time for Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-security vendor CrowdStrike released its 2018 Global Threat Report on Feb. 26, providing insights from the company’s globally distributed network that processes approximately 100 billion events a day. Among the


Cryptojacking is the new malware

The success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is driving the increasing popularity of cryptomining, the process by which thse currencies are earned. At its core, mining for cryptocurrency requires massive