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Cybersecurity & Business: Not Just an IT Problem

Connected technology, Internet-enabled (IoT) devices and other digital services each come with their own security risks. But when used in concert with businesses and their data, these technologies can present


Building a sound security strategy for an energy sector company

As more and more attacks against companies working in the energy sector become public, it is becoming increasingly clear that those systems are far from impermeable. And it’s not just state-sponsored attackers

Industry Insights

CEO guidance: Handling dynamic change in the cybersecurity industry

In a little over 18 months since SonicWall split from Dell, the company has become operationally and financially independent. “In fact, while achieving independence, we are thriving, surpassing financial objectives


US Warns of Supply Chain Attacks

The US government has repeated warnings of state-sponsored cyber-attacks made possible by infiltrating the software supply chain. The report from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) reveals insight into foreign economic


How to Balance Security with Digital Transformation

As the cybersecurity industry expands, the number of security solutions available has exploded so that a recent study revealed that IT security professionals are struggling to keep up with the technologies that

Industry Insights

Why trust is the biggest selling point for cybersecurity companies

Companies that lose the trust of their customers will have a hard time finding new clients.The European Union’s recent resolution to help strengthen member states’ cybersecurity measures was a clear


Why You Should Protect Your Business Network Above All Else

By Tiffany Rowe – Content Creator at Seek Visibility, Yes, your computers and servers are where your data is saved; yes, mobile and IoT devices sure are vulnerable; but your


Cross-Vector Threats: The Web Begins Where Email Ends

I don’t intend to be a purveyor of the obvious, but I keep overhearing discussions where “email threats” and “web threats” and “email security” and “web security” are discussed as


Risks grow, yet security is still an afterthought in many IoT strategies

Trend Micro released survey findings that show businesses are most concerned about losing customer trust in the event of an Internet of Things related cyber attack, however they remain unprepared. The survey,

IT Compliance

How rogue data puts organisations at risk of GDPR noncompliance

The GDPR compliance deadline came in by force on 25th May 2018 and applies to all organisations processing and holding the personal information of data subjects. This includes contacts such as customers,