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80% of enterprises struggle to protect machine identities

Ninety-six percent of companies believe that effective protection of machine and human identities are equally important to the long-term security and viability of their companies, according to a new study

Industry Insights

The anatomy of fake news: Rise of the bots

Spreading misinformation has become a mainstream topic to the extent that even the term ‘Twitter bot’ is a well-recognised term establishing itself into the modern lexicon. Whilst the term is


Companies focusing too much on protecting usernames and passwords and not enough on machine identities

A new study by Venafi and Forrester reveals the difficulty companies are facing protecting machine identities. New technologies, such as cloud and containerisation, have expanded the definition of a machine

Identity Theft

Machine Identity Failings Expose Firms

Nearly all IT decision makers believe that protecting machine identities is as important or more important that human identity management, but most struggle to deliver that protection, according to a

Industry Insights

Hundreds of Banks Exposed from Fiserv Flaw

A flaw in the web platform of Fiserv Inc., a technology services provider for financial institutions, reportedly exposed personal and financial account information on hundreds of bank websites, according to KrebsonSecurity. Security researcher


Why Everyone’s Thinking About Ransomware The Wrong Way

It’s become a fact of life that hackers might lock down your computer, blocking access to your most valuable data, and vowing to free it only if you pay up.


How Threat Intelligence Help Small Businesses Deal With Cybercrime

Some of us find it hard to accept how small companies are usually the most vulnerable to cybercrime. For one thing, startups and mom-and-pop businesses often lack the expertise and budget that

Industry Insights

Tool and resources to help small merchants improve payment card data security

Small merchants continue to be a primary target for cybercriminals. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 61% of breached organizations surveyed were small businesses. These highly-targeted businesses often


Healthcare CISOs: Manage infosec risks and safeguard patient safety

Prominent CISOs from leading health systems and providers throughout the country have come together to establish the Provider Third Party Risk Management Council to develop, recommend and promote a series of practices


Sharp rise in business email compromise, says Mimecast

According to research from Mimecast, 80% of businesses have seen an increase in impersonation and business email compromise attacks. As part of their cumulative assessments, Mimecast inspected more than 142