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The Seven Leading Security Gaps in Industrial Environments

October is officially National Cyber Security Awareness month, and this year one of the program’s key messages is working together to secure critical infrastructure from cyber threats.  Clearly, security weaknesses

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Wider breach awareness fosters more security conversations

Focal Point Data Risk released the second annual Cyber Balance Sheet Report, a closely watched research study using in-depth surveys and interviews of corporate board members and CISOs to offer a rare

Industry Insights

States Average a C- in Election Security

Results of the Election Cybersecurity Scorecard, published by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), found that states average a C- in election security. In a live webcast from the CSIS headquarters today, panelists


Telecommuting means your security needs are changing. Is your company caught up?

Collaborative apps are vulnerable to cyberattacks, both outside the office and inside, and all it takes is one well-executed attack for hackers to be able to drop their malware into

Industry Insights

Destructive Cyberattacks Spiked in Q3

Instead of simply fleeing when discovered, adversaries are actively engaging with incident response teams, a new Carbon Black study finds. New data gathered from more than three dozen providers of

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Stay Ahead of Security Threats: Focusing on Your High-Risk Assets

As your organization’s IT landscape expands and traditional boundaries dissolve, it can be difficult to identify high-risk devices, applications, and users in order to develop a remediation plan. Your enterprise

Industry Insights

3 PR Tips to Grow Your Cybersecurity Business

Black hats, blue teams, red teams…the forces behind the cyber threats of today sound like GI Joe clashes or groups of X-wing fighter pilots in Star Wars. It’s no wonder,


Safeguarding global critical networks now and in the future

Lior Frenkel is the CEO and co-founder of Waterfall Security Solutions, a provider of unidirectional security gateways, stronger-than-firewalls perimeter security solutions for industrial control networks and critical infrastructures. In this interview

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Don’t Go Once More Unto the Breach: Fix Those Policy Configuration Mistakes

As security threats become more and more advanced, managing your network’s defenses correctly has never been more critical. The effectiveness of firewalls and other security devices depends on the security


Flaws in brain stimulation tech could let hackers erase or hold memories for ransom

If security flaws in brain stimulation tech are not fixed, researchers warn that hackers will be able to target your memories, erase them or hold them for ransom in the