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Knowing what’s on your hybrid-IT environment is fundamental to security

In this Help Net Security podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2019, Shiva Mandalam, VP of Products, Visibility and Control at Qualys, talks about the importance of visibility. Whether on-prem (devices and

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CISO priorities: Implementing security from the get-go

Dr. David Brumley, CEO of ForAllSecure, a Carnegie Mellon computer science professor (on leave), and part of the team that won the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge, was, at one time,

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Why must the public sector take a security by design approach?

Cyber security is a high-profile issue for UK public sector bodies, as recent news shows. Iain Shearman, Managing Director of KCOM’s National Network Services, looks at why the public sector needs to

IT Compliance

India to unveil cyber security strategy policy in January

India will release the cyber security strategy policy in January next year to enable the government to “cyber-secure the nation”, which will also help in achieving the target to achieve

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Cyber Security Today – How to be safe going back to school

University and college students are going back to campuses for the fall sessions, often armed with new laptops, smartphones and tablets. But they may not be thinking seriously enough about


Indo-French road map on cyber security and digital technology

France and India intend to make digital technology a transformative factor in their societies, to foster economic growth, sustainable development and secure enhanced internet access which is essential to bridge


4 Ways to Integrate Cyber Security Automation Within Your Enterprise

Businesses of all sizes continually seek ways to increase efficiency and profitability in all areas of their organization — everything from general operations to cyber security. Regardless of how you


What Can be Done About the Rising Click Interception Threat?

Ad networks’ increasingly successful efforts to detect bot-based ad click fraud has forced attackers to focus more on intercepting and redirecting legitimate users’ clicks. A group of researchers from Microsoft


New Ransomware Grows 118% As Cybercriminals Adopt Fresh Tactics And Code Innovations

McAfee Labs saw an average of 504 new threats per minute in Q1 2019, and a resurgence of ransomware along with changes in campaign execution and code. More than 2.2 billion stolen


Electron Framework Vulnerabilities – Shutting the Backdoor

The Electron framework plays an important role in many communication software – Skype, Slack, WhatsApp and GitHub to name just a few. As a cross-platform development tool it offers developers the flexibility