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Wanna Cry Ransomware – Few Tips To Bolster Your Defenses

The WannaCry ransomware has literally taken the world as a hostage.  The virus has hit at least 150 countries and claimed 200,000 victims, according to the European Union’s law enforcement

Enterprise Mobile Security

Enterprise Mobility has caused transformational changes in the way companies conduct and secure their business.  Whether a mobile workforce is part of company’s strategy or otherwise, businesses realize that it

Effective Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence (TI) and the use of data to detect security threats has rapidly become a sought-after solution by enterprises to secure their businesses.   Something which was earlier common to

Cyber Attack Response Plan

While talking about Cyber Security, the focus is normally towards solutions to detect and prevent cyber-attacks. Considering the pervasive and prevalent nature of cyber threats, it is very natural for

What’s in store for the cyber-security landscape during 2016?

The perimeter of corporate Cyberspace is ever increasing with inclusion of newer technology and infrastructure in the enterprise’s network grid.  This has become a massive playground for cyber-attacks. Corporate and