Enterprise Mobile Security


Enterprise Mobility has caused transformational changes in the way companies conduct and secure their business.  Whether a mobile workforce is part of company’s strategy or otherwise, businesses realize that it is practically impossible to keep mobile devices outside of their ecosystem.

This has led to several different approaches for handling enterprise mobility including BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device), CYOD (Choose-Your-Own-Device), COPE (Company Issued, Personally-Enabled).

Regardless of these approaches, it is important to define a good enterprise mobile security strategy.  A good, holistic mobile security strategy covers critical aspects such as:

  • Device Management: Encompassing the management of all mobile devices, including encryption and authentication. Specific control procedures should be instituted pertaining to how stolen or affected devices are handled.
  • Stored content and data: This covers securing the content and data, especially the enterprise data that is accessed and stored on the device.
  • Installed Mobile Apps: Control and security of the mobile apps used for enterprise purposes, its distribution and potential impact of other personal apps on the business apps.
  • Privacy and intrusion: Securing the privacy and access through identity management practices. This covers all employees, customers. Vendors, partners etc. who access enterprise data and content through mobile devices.
  • Business Objective: The security strategy should allow seamless access by employees to enterprise mobility for real productive benefits. If the security policies and approaches are very employee-unfriendly, it will likely make the enterprise mobility initiative ineffective.

There are several tools and solutions available like Mobile Data Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Virtualization, and Mobile Containers that help in implementing mobile security strategy.

Based on the overall mobility strategy, a combination of a well defined policy and tools will help in a relatively secure enterprise mobile ecosystem.

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