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BYOD/Big Data

Big Data & The Security Skills Shortage – Dark Reading

Derive insights on petabytes of data: In many organizations, security events and audit logs from IT, user, and business applications can amount to 10 terabytes (TB) of data per day.


Data in the Cloud Security: Encryption is the Answer

The cloud is an attractive business proposition for many. But time and time again, companies express concerns about how secure their information is in the cloud. Security is the biggest


‘Largest’ DDoS attack hit Asian datacenter this year

The largest ever distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack happened earlier this year, according to a threat intelligence and monitoring service. Arbor Networks said the attack had traffic of up to 334

BYOD/Big Data

Employees lax about BYOD security – ihotdesk

A significant number of employees still have a very lax attitude to the security of Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) devices, a new study has found. The report, published by Aruba Networks revealed


Top tips for remote and mobile workers to improve their cyber security

Mobile and remote working is now the norm, yet many employees are unaware of the threats they face. Danger areas include hotels, conferences, airports and shared computers. The targets for


Digital Marketer Exposes Bing Ads Phishing Scam That Exploits Google

( (411 PRESS RELEASES) — Seasoned digital marketer, Yan S. Huang, noticed something suspicious when he ran a Google search for the search term “Bing Ads” to navigate to the

Vendor News

Dell announces enterprise-class firewall for SMBs

Dell has released the new SonicWALL TZ Series firewalls that aim to deliver enterprise-class security at a price point that is attractive for small businesses and large, multi-site distributed organizations

Industry Insights

Take missiles off high alert to avoid a cyberattack starting a nuclear war, says

Taking U.S. and Russian missiles off high alert could keep a possible cyberattack from starting a nuclear war, a former commander of U.S. nuclear forces says. Associated Press national security


Google launches security feature for Chrome web browser

Google announced a free extension for its Chrome web browser that better protects Google accounts, including email, against online attackers trying to steal passwords and other personal information. The extension,

Identity Theft

How responsible are employees for data breaches and how do you stop them?

Data breaches have very quickly climbed the information security agenda and that includes the data breach threat posed by employees and IT professionals. Now a new report says the insider