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Industry Insights

Social engineering attacks more complex than ever, says expert

Social engineering attacks are more complex than ever before as security technologies improve, according to Jenny Radcliffe, director and head of training and consultancy at Jenny Radcliffe Training. Social engineering

Industry Insights

Cyber threats relatively unknown outside IT, says expert

Few business people outside IT departments have any knowledge of current information security threats, according to BH Consulting founder and chief executive Brian Honan. “In many businesses, few non-IT people


Industry leaders set cloud computing security benchmarks – Tech Page One

Security has long been the No. 1 cloud computing business concern. Although the apprehension is absolutely valid, cloud computing business decision and strategies are all too often driven by the


Smartphones Twice as Dangerous as USB Flash Drives When It Comes to Corporate and Personal Safety

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, USA, May 28, 2015 / / — ChargeDefense, a pioneer manufacturer in mobile charging devices, today published a special alert on the current state of smartphone data


Simplifying Microsoft Azure Deployments with Cloud-Friendly Security

Extending workloads to Microsoft Azure offers the promise of speed and agility. But it does not relieve you of your responsibility to secure data and applications from attack. Unfortunately, traditional

BYOD/Big Data

Diversity of Big Data Sources Creates Big Security Challenges

According to Oracle’s Neil Mendelson, many companies today make a key mistake in setting up their big data environments. “In an effort to gain insights and drive business growth, companies

Identity Theft

Ganaa hacked, data of 10 Million registered users leaked

Gaana (, one of the most popular music streaming service in India has reportedly been hacked. Gaana service has more than 10 Million registered users and 7.5 Million monthly visitors,


Meru Cabs: Mobile Security Lessons

In the wake of revelations that fleet taxi company Meru Cabs had been inadvertently exposing customer data to the Internet, security experts now advise mobile e-commerce companies to quickly ramp


Statistics on botnet-assisted DDoS attacks in Q1 2015

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is one of the techniques mostly often used by cybercriminals. It is intended to reduce an information system, typically a website, to a


How DigiCert’s CSO Looks at SSL/TLS Security

At the core of many modern security mechanisms of online security is the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol and the Certificate Authorities (CAs) that sell and manage SSL/TLS certificates. One