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Managing open-source security: a legal perspective

It seems almost redundant to point out that open-source software is literally everywhere. It’s in your datacentre, on your desktop, in your browser and in your phone. Read the source article at

Identity Theft

The future of Identity Management: Passwords and the cloud

Compromised credentials are still the cause of almost a quarter of all data breaches, according to the Cloud Security Alliance. With a surge in cybercrime, it’s no wonder that the global

Identity Theft

Retail Security Risks: 2016 Midyear Roundup

The numbers are in: According to a new BDO report, a possible security breach is the biggest retail security risk, tied for the top spot with “general economic conditions.” In


Businesses fear reputation damage after a DDoS strike

A DDoS attack can ruin a company’s reputation, and that’s mostly what businesses fear more than any money they might lose fighting against the attack, a new report says. Read


Biometric authentication: The identity of a modern enterprise

Biometric technologies that use a person’s fingerprints, voice, heartbeat or even gait (the way we walk) as methods of authentication have attracted a lot of attention here in the UK


Why a power grid attack is a nightmare scenario – The Hill

Garbage is rotting in the streets, and clean water is scarce as people boil water stored in bathtubs to stop the spread of bacteria. And escape? There is none, because


Breaking into a wordpress site without knowing wordpress/php or infosec at all

My college has a website. And I simply wanted to find a vulnerability, exploit it, and post troll pictures on the front-page. While that’s not a very nice thing to

Identity Theft

Hackers’ website breached by hacker – Bbc News

The email addresses and private messages of more than 470,000 members of a hacking website have been leaked online following a huge data breach. The Nulled website was a popular

Identity Theft

Hacker Selling 65 Million Passwords From Tumblr Data Breach

Earlier this month Tumblr revealed that a third party had obtained access to a set of e-mail addresses and passwords dating back from early 2013, before being acquired by Yahoo.

Industry Insights

Cyber-crimes cost victims over $1 Billion according to 2015 IC3 report

FBI released the Internet Crime Compliant Center – IC3 report of 2015 last week. During the last calendar year, IC3 received 288,012 complaints and 44 percent of them reported financial