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Stronger Together: How Sharing Orchestration Models Makes for Better Cyber Defense

Security collaboration has, and still is, generating significant attention: How can we join forces and use crowd intelligence to employ better security defense strategies against growing cyber-attack threats? From virus


The Internet of Things and security: Is your enterprise protected?

Finding smarter and more efficient ways of managing data overload is now dominating investment decisions in technology departments across Australia and New Zealand. With the digital universe experiencing unprecedented digital


Google adds security and privacy certifications to its Cloud Platform

Google has added two security and privacy certifications for Apps for Work and Cloud Platform in a move that sets the company up for more compliance requirements in the future.


Locky Ransomware Spreads Via Flash and Windows Kernel Exploits

In early April of this year a zero-day exploit (designated as CVE-2016-1019) was found in Adobe Flash Player. This particular flaw was soon used by the Magnitude Exploit Kit, which led to an

Identity Theft

Gumtree customer information accessed in data breach

Online classifieds site Gumtree Australia has been hacked, with some account holders receiving an email alert informing them of the breach Friday afternoon. In the email sent to a number


Waze vulnerability allows hackers to track you

Users of Google’s navigation app Waze seem to be at risk of being followed, as a vulnerability in the app could allow hackers to stalk the users of the app

Identity Theft

Gold-mining firm Goldcorp hacked, its data leaked online

Canadian gold-mining company Goldcorp has suffered a data breach of seemingly catastrophic proportions. On Tuesday, the attackers leaked a lot of sensitive internal data about the company and its employees,


Ensure Your Managed Cloud Provider Delivers On Cloud Security

Organisations are acutely aware that the risks to their online services and data today are greater than ever – and growing fast. According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey,


Defend encrypted data from quantum computer threat

If an exotic quantum computer is invented that could break the codes we depend on to protect confidential electronic information, what will we do to maintain our security and privacy?


OpenSSL Project plans to patch soon High Severity Vulnerabilities

The OpenSSL Project announced this week that it will release security patches for several vulnerabilities affecting the popular crypto library. The OpenSSL Project plans to release the patches on May 3, the