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Identity Theft

Companies face regulatory fines and cybersecurity threats, still fail to protect sensitive data

22% of a company’s folders are accessible, on average, to every employee, according to the new report from the Varonis Data Lab, which analyzed more than 54 billion files. The


Most adults are concerned about malware and phishing on social media

More than eighty percent of adults believe that they’re at risk when it comes to security on social media. Most American adults are using at least one social media platform daily, and


Hacking our way into cybersecurity for medical devices

Hospitals are filled with machines connected to the internet. With a combination of both wired and wireless connectivity, knowing and managing which devices are connected has become more complicated and,


Making the most of threat intelligence with threat intelligence gateways

Even though many security professionals are still dissatisfied with threat intelligence accuracy and quality, its use as a resource for network defense is growing. According to the 2019 SANS Cyber Threat


Security Flaws in P2P Leave IoT Devices Vulnerable

Malicious actors could exploit critical security vulnerabilities in a peer-to-peer (P2P) communications technology used across millions of internet of things (IoT) devices, according to research first reported by KrebsonSecurity.  Security researcher


Cyber Security Today: Warning about connected devices, cyber advice for manufacturers and find fake celebrities

A warning about insecure connected devices available for sale, some cyber advice for manufacturers and take this quiz to find fake celebrities. Welcome to Cyber Security Today. It’s Monday April


Cyber-security Is Improving, Though Risk Continues to Grow

eWEEK DATA POINTS: The 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report identifies several positive trends for that state of cyber-security, even as attackers continue to evolve and some areas of cyber-security are

Industry Insights

Spring Cleaning Part 3: Six Ways for SMBs to Update Cyber Security Policies and Reduce Risk

Setting a high security standard is critical for any small business to protect their employees, customers, and essential data. A cybersecurity policy encompasses the actions, resources, and responsibilities necessary to


Supply Chain Attacks: When Things Go Wrong

Ongoing digital transformation is pushing business of all sectors to bring to market highly innovative digital products. As development teams are pushed to develop advanced applications in record time, using


Browser threats are as serious as phishing or ransomware

Businesses need to understand what makes these threats tick. Many organization have close to no visibility into their web-facing assets. They are also, generally speaking, clueless about how people use