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Industry Insights

5 Things Every SMB Should Know to Strengthen Defenses

You may find it surprising that small businesses make up more than 97% of total businesses in North America, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Given this statistic, I


API Security Vulnerabilities: A Crack in the Foundation of Digital Business

The rise of APIs has been monumental over the last decade, supporting the creation of new digital revenue streams and forming the basis for innovative partnerships. APIs essentially act as

IT Compliance

GDPR: Security Pros Believe Non-Compliance is Rife

Most IT security professionals believe GDPR non-compliance is commonplace, as the landmark data protection legislation turns one tomorrow, according to Infosecurity Europe. Over 6400 industry practitioners responded to a Twitter poll


Here Are Some Of The Best (And Worst) Ways To Protect Yourself Online

In some ways, online is like the wild west of days gone by. It’s an exciting place to visit, but you place yourself at risk every time you go there.


4 Programming Languages Every Cyber Security Professional Must Know

Technology is playing a significant role in our day to day life, and with that, the world is becoming extensively connected —whether it’s about talking to a closed ones living

Expert Articles Network Security

Risks within trusted networks: a notable rise in island hopping and counter incident response activity

By Rick McElroy – Head of Security Strategy at Carbon Black, The threat to the cyber landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. High profile data breaches demonstrate not

Expert Articles Software

A Risk-based Approach to Cybersecurity Can Save Time & Money

By Jake Olcott, VP Government Affairs at BitSight, If you’ve glanced at the opinion columns of security industry publications, you’ve probably seen the term “risk-based” floating around, as in “the


Enterprises: Analyze your IoT footprint to address security, privacy concerns

The Zscaler ThreatLabZ research team analyzed 56 million IoT device transactions to understand the types of devices in use, the protocols used, the locations of the servers with which they


How mainstream media coverage affects vulnerability management

For better or for worse, mainstream media is increasingly covering particularly dangerous, widespread or otherwise notable security vulnerabilities. The growing coverage has made more people aware of the risks and

Industry Insights

Cyber security in manufacturing is the need of the hour, feels industry

With digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and smart working culture making inroads in various sectors, including manufacturing, Indian companies are also gearing up to cope with the problems that come along with