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Cloud + BYOD + IoT = Major Security Gaps

Despite having hundreds of tools at their disposal, IT and security teams are rapidly losing sight of their asset landscape. Click here to view original webpage at www.helpnetsecurity.com


Mobile Security for Enterprise is Trending in Cybersecurity

It is 2020 and Bring-Your-Own-Device is still trending. Every day, petabytes of information zoom through employee devices in an organization. And this will certainly not stop. According to Crystal Market

Industry Insights

Five Factors Predicting The Future Of MacOS Management And Security

Going into 2020, CISOs’ sense of urgency for managing their fleets of Android, Apple iOS & macOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 devices all from an integrated Unified Endpoint Management


Why 2020 should be the year of public sector cybersecurity training

Public sector organisations cannot risk a cyberattack, and training is one of the best ways to prevent this. In 2020, organisations across the U.K. public sector should reprioritise their security

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Shadow IT Is The Cybersecurity Threat That Keeps Giving All Year Long

More than 5,000 personal devices connect to enterprise networks every day with little or no endpoint security enabled in one of every three companies in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.


BYOD security challenges leave companies at risk

Organizations aren’t moving quickly enough on cybersecurity threats linked to the drive toward using personal mobile devices in the workplace, warns a QUT privacy researcher. Click here to view original webpage at


In A BYOD World, Everybody Needs Cybersecurity Chops

Technology alone won’t fix the security woes that have been rampaging through the connected business world. What is needed is the full engagement of the workforce. Carl Cadregari, executive vice


Preventing insider threats, data loss and damage through zero trust

With the proliferation of mobile devices and BYOD, ubiquitous and always available internet connectivity and the widespread use of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, eventually all organizations will be


Businesses are ditching their VPNs

VPN attacks and related breaches are on the rise, forcing organisations to adopt a new method of securing their networks and cloud apps. Because of this, according to cloud security


Microsoft Intune can now block unauthorized BYOD hardware

Microsoft has integrated third-party mobile threat defense (MTD) software with its Intune unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, enabling corporate systems to detect when an employee’s unenrolled, smartphone or tablet has an app