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Chrome Zero-Day Exploited to Harvest User Data via PDF Files

Exploit detection service EdgeSpot says it has spotted several PDF documents that exploit a zero-day vulnerability in Chrome to collect information on users who open the files through Google’s web


IoT, APIs, and Criminal Bots Pose Evolving Dangers

A pair of reports reach similar conclusions about some of the threats growing in cyberspace and the industries likely to be most affected.A pair of research reports released today paint


Why The First 24 Hours Is Critical In Managing A Cybersecurity Incident

Over the past couple of years there has been a meteoric rise in cybersecurity incidents and it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable occurs in your organisation. Whether hit

Industry Insights

5 Essential Cybersecurity Practices for Small Business Owners

We live in a time when major data breaches make news headlines on an almost daily basis. We know that Yahoo, for example, agreed to a $50 million settlement in

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity in the Banking & Financial Services Industry

A major data breach hit the news in September 2016, affecting around 500 million Yahoo users. A few months later, the company revealed that a shocking one billion user accounts were hacked in


Cloud business initiatives accelerating faster than security teams’ ability to secure them

The speed of cloud business initiatives is hampering organizations’ ability to secure and manage hybrid environments, with security personnel often not included. The 2019 State of Hybrid Cloud Security survey

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Mitigating Merger and Acquisition Risks

Bringing together two organizations is rarely a straightforward task. There are so many factors to consider from structure and staff to tools, cultural idiosyncrasies and beyond. Lengthy and in-depth due

Vendor News

Wipro announce cyber security service with Microsoft security capabilities

Wipro to have announced that it will offer advanced cyber security services that are layered with Microsoft security capabilities. The partnership with Microsoft will help advance and expand Wipro’s security


Smart Home devices vulnerable to remote attacks due to weak credentials

Smart Home devices are vulnerable to attacks due to outdated software, unpatched security flaws, and weak credentials. Two out of five (40.8%) smart home devices worldwide have at least one


Farewell To Text Password

We are witnessing a critical turning point in the history of identity assurance – transition from the time-honored seals, autographs and textual passwords towards Expanded Password System. The worst part