How Vulnerable is Your Data Really?

By Nick Galov – Web Hosting Expert, Content Manager at,

By now, most of us are internet savvy enough to realize that we shouldn’t be downloading files off the internet, or opening emails if we’re not sure that they’re legit. We hear horror stories of how personal information is held ransom by hackers who gain access to our computers.

You get warned about data security from all sides. But, let’s be honest here, how seriously do you take the warnings? If you’re anything like most people, your security measures stop at activating a password on your device.

After all, what are the chances that hackers would even be interested in your data, right? It might seem like a remote possibility, but there is always a chance that you can get hacked. And, maybe you’ve got no money, but you do have data on your device that you’d want to access again.

All it takes is for one piece of ransomware to make it onto your device. You’ll have two choices – start all over again, or pay the ransom. The ransom demands will usually be reasonable enough to make that the best option for most people. For the hacker, it’s easy money – the entire process can be automated.

But, believe it or not, the actual risk when it comes to your data is a lot closer to home. Let’s go through all the apps that you provide data for. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google. They collect a lot of data that could do significant damage if it got into the wrong hands.

How much data do they collect? Check out the infographic below. You’ll see why it’s important to educate people about online safety.

The various apps that we use on a daily basis collect swathes of information about us. And that’s not always with our knowledge or permission. The recent Facebook scandal is a perfect case in point. A marketing company developed one of those fun tests that you do when you’re bored.

Harmless, right? Except that in order to take the test, you had to give the app permission to access your contact data on Facebook. This, by extension, gave the app access to not only your data but also that of all your contacts.

It highlighted a very real problem – you might be safety conscious, but what about everyone else you know? Data security is something that we need to spend more time on. Get yourself a head start by checking out the IG now.



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