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Network Security

Millions of Email Servers at Risk from Cryptomining Worm

Researchers have spotted a major new cyber-attack campaign targeting millions of Linux email servers around the world with a cryptomining malware payload. Exim accounts for over half (57%) of the

IT Compliance Mobile

Organizations are Advancing their Efforts, Investing in OT Cybersecurity Programs

ICS cybersecurity threats remain high and present evolving challenges, a new SANS report reveals. However, since the last SANS OT/ICS report released in 2017, a growing majority of organizations have

Industry Insights

The Gaming Community is a Rising Target for Credential Stuffing Attacks

Hackers have targeted the gaming industry by carrying out 12 billion credential stuffing attacks against gaming websites within the 17-month period analyzed in the report (November 2017 – March 2019)

Artificial Intelligence

Organizations Need Capabilities & Practices to Generate Value from AI

Businesses actively embracing artificial intelligence and striving to bring technological advancements into their operations are reaping dividends not seen by companies who fail to properly adapt and adopt. While most

IT Compliance

The Three Hidden Dangers of Working With Third-Party Vendors

While vendors allow organizations to efficiently outsource tasks, they can also increase the risk of breaches. A recent study found more than 60% of US organizations have faced a data

Network Security

Poor Password Management is Hurting Businesses Hard

Many firms are wasting a lot of time and money changing passwords. Every year, businesses in the United Kingdom spend more than two months resetting different passwords, which costs them

Network Security

“Major Flaw” Discovered in Evernote’s Chrome Extension

A major flaw has been discovered in the code of the Web Clipper Chrome extension of note-taking service Evernote. The flaw, a universal XSS marked CVE-2019-12592 which could have allowed


The Security Nightmare of Formjacking

Formjacking has hit the headlines recently, with malicious actors employing the technique to source valuable personal data. The concept of formjacking was behind the notorious Magecart attack, which claimed high

Network Security

How 5G Introduces New Security Vulnerabilities

The migration to 5G is underway with more hype than any IT innovation in history (at least it feels that way). Predictions about 5G’s potential have reached fever pitch, according

Industry Insights Network Security

Healthcare Executives need to Make Cybersecurity a Business Priority

Risks associated with Internet of Things, medical devices, third-party vendors, and program management are top of mind for healthcare executives, according to a CynergisTek’s survey. The survey of approximately 60