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Victimology: in the shoes of a cybersecurity analyst

By Steve Rivers – Technical Director, International at ThreatQuotient A recent report from the government showed that 32% of businesses identified a cyber security attack in the last 12 months,


Cybersecurity – It Takes an Engineer to Catch an Engineer

The explosion and exponential rise in global data breaches and malware attacks has become unprecedented and dangerous. Collating facts and figures on how many attacks makes for an interesting read, but it


Five Million IP Camera Cyber-Attacks Blocked in Just Five Months

Trend Micro has announced that it blocked five million cyber-attack attempts against internet protocol (IP) cameras in just five months, highlighting the security risks that continue to impact IP-based surveillance devices.


Indicators Of Behavior: The New Telemetry To Find Advanced Cyber Attackers

In the world of cybersecurity, the men and women who keep us safe rely on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs): hashes of malware files, URLs, domain names and other artifacts from


Finding skilled pros remains a challenge, cloud and security in high demand

Tech teams will continue to grow in the second half of the year, but finding the right talent won’t be easy, according to Robert Half Technology’s State of U.S. Tech

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity professionals are outgunned and burned out

Nearly half (48 percent total) of cybersecurity leaders across France, Germany and the UK believe their teams are falling behind in the skills race against would-be cyber criminals, according to Symantec. This


Organizations need greater visibility into network activity

One of the biggest challenges for all organizations was a lack of agility, making it difficult for their teams to investigate and respond quickly and accurately to security threats or


Anatomy of a ransomware attack: How attackers gain access to unstructured data

Ransomware isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s effects are starting to be felt more widely, and more deeply than ever before. Behemoths like Sony, Nissan, FedEx, Kraft Foods and Deutsche Bank


Threat actors are doing their homework, researchers identify new impersonation techniques

There is an increase in three main areas: spoofed phishing attempts, HTTPS encryption in URL-based attacks, and cloud-based attacks focused on publicly hosted, trusted file-sharing services, FireEye found, after analyzing


When it comes to cybersecurity, perfection is the enemy of progress

In information security, perfection is the enemy of progress, says Lenny Zeltser, VP of Product at Axonius. But It’s one thing to know about this maxim, and another to internalize