Animation for The Cybersecurity Place: Car hacking methods + prevention tips

Whether or not we realize it, cybersecurity is costing us. On average, malware attacks cost companies $2.4 million and 50 days worth of time — although the amount can be much greater depending on the attack. Because of this, we go through great lengths to secure our data. But there’s one area we’re not paying attention to.

Car hacking, while still relatively uncommon, poses a greater threat as cars become increasingly connected. The smarter cars become, the more points of vulnerability they have. Hackers have shown the ability to compromise a car’s security remotely and control anything from basic dashboard functions to the engine and brakes.

Luckily, knowledge is power. There are a few easy precautions you can take to ensure your car is safe against cybercrime. Check out the infographic below to learn more.


Author bio:

Karlie writes on behalf of Esurance with an interest in car cybersecurity. Her most recent piece covers five ways your car can be hacked and how to prevent them.


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