Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts to Follow 2019

By Howard Dawson – Tech Writer at Surfshark,

Keeping up with the trends, threats and information coming down the pipeline as it relates to cybersecurity can be challenging. Malware and other attacks keep evolving, creating a space where no one can afford not to pay attention. Cybercrime is alive and well, with no signs of slowing down – ever. Having these resources in mind that keep individuals abreast of everything going in the cyberspace is key in protecting online interests and those of organizations. A hot topic in business and media,  2018 hit a new record high in cyber breaches, with the 2018 Annual Data Breach Year-End Review by Identity Theft Resource Center reporting a 44.7% growth in the number of incidents compared to 2016.

Thankfully there’s a group of cybersecurity experts to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on and how to adapt to these consistent changes. SurfShark’s Naomi Hodges is well known for her expertise, operating as a cybersecurity advisor and writer. Specializing in cybersecurity, privacy-related issues and virtual private networks, she’s continuously working to push the privacy agenda.

There are others in the industry who have that same passion and have worked to garner a huge following. These 10 cybersecurity experts should be on the radar as the go-to experts in 2019. What do all of them have in common? Their knowledge and willingness to share with the general public. Take a look:

  • Kevin Mitrick

Kevin understands this world because he used to be wrapped up in it. A former hacker who now operates as a security guru, his company Mitrick Security is widely known as the corporate system hacker. Unique in his position, Kevin’s popularity rose from his stint in jail in 1995 for wire fraud and cloning cellphone codes. After all, who doesn’t know how to hack better than a professional hacker, right? Now he’s turned that around and is in high demand by Fortune 500 companies to help secure their systems.

  • Bruce Schneier

If you’re looking for in-depth information, look no further than Bruce Schneier. A highly respected author on digital security themes, he makes complex subjects easy to understand and digest. An authority of today’s emerging threats, with 13 books and counting, Bruce is a Harvard fellow and an integral member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. With over 250,000 newsletter subscribers, it’s obvious he has something to say.

  • Bill Brenner

The former editorial head of Akamai Technologies, and research director at the Institute for Applied Network Security, Bill delivers insightful updates on the blogs LiquidMatrix Security and Naked Security while keeping the public informed via tweet.

  • Brian Krebs

Owner of the widely popular blog Krebs on Security, Brian works as an investigative journalist. Widely known for his in-depth pieces, he wrote for the Washington Post’s Security Fix blog from 1995-2009, setting a standard on cybersecurity reporting.

  • Nicole Perlroth

One of the most influential writers on this listing, Nicole is the digital security beat writer for the New York Times. Known for her role in exposing the NSA for their spying, she has also be lauded for her coverage of the cyber-espionage going on in China. Also the author of the book “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends” she has a huge presence on Twitter.

  • Eugene Kapersky

Have you ever heard of Kaperky Labs? It’s one of the largest antivirus companies in the world. Founding Kapersky Labs in 1997, Eugene has been extremely busy creating his niche as a key influencer in the tech security space. You’ll find him on Twitter or SecureList. His presence is huge around the world as it relates to surveillance tech and espionage.

  • Kim Zetter

A key contributor at Wired, Kim’s niche is cryptography. A global authority in this space, Kim’s credits include finding the flaws associated with electronic voting, to the Kryptos sculpture outside the headquarters of the CIA. If you’re looking for inside information, Kim is the one to follow.

  • Leigh Honeywell

Known as the “catalyst” for the current wave of activism in the digital sector, Honeywell is a world authority on developing solutions for safe employee communications. The woman behind Tall Poppy and, she’s a driving force in the tech space.

  • Adam Levin

If you’ve been paying attention to the identity theft space, you’ll consistently hear the name Adam Levin. An industry expert, Adam appears on television and at IT conferences to discuss identity theft and its evolutions. His blog following is huge, as he concentrates on providing information for those who shop online or businesses that process payments. There’s something for everyone as he discusses voting machines, Bitcoin mining and other topics of interest to people concerned about cybersecurity.

  • Dave Kennedy

Dave is the founder of TrustedSec, which fuses cybersec and hardcore gaming. A former member of the U.S. Marines and Diebold, Kennedy understands security, how it works, and how it’s being abused by the people that can do it. TrustedSec is now one of the foremost global companies who address this topic, while Dave disseminates information to the general public via his Twitter under the name HackingDave.

Understanding the trends and why these things are happening is key. These experts cover the entire cybersec space, informing individuals on what is going on behind the scenes, steps to take to protect their online presence and businesses, and navigating an area that is consistently evolving. With artificial intelligence being a player in the evolution of cybersec, having advice on how to effectively implement strategies and solutions can make the difference between not knowing what to do, and what to do before needing professional help.

Let’s face it – cybersecurity is never simple and changes by the minute. Being aware of what goes on and who shares information is an asset every individual and organization should have. Although it can be expensive to implement some of the recommendations, most of this information is absolutely free through these experts and their social media, which opens the doors to effective planning and preparation for what’s to come.

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