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What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There – When It Comes to Perimeter Security

By Don Boxley,CEO and Co- Founder at DH2i, Traditionally, the virtual private network (VPN) has been considered the most secure method by which to access networks. There’s an irony, though,

Cyber security firm continues Asia Pacific expansion with Singapore move

By Rob Baker – Foregenix, Leading cyber security company Foregenix is continuing the next step of its expansion into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region with the opening of its Singapore

Cyberattacks becoming more costly and focused, UK government figures show

By Jon Abbott, CEO at ThreatAware, While fewer businesses are suffering cyberattacks or breaches, attacks are becoming more costly and targeted, according to the latest government figures released today. The

Database Hacking & Its Prevention

By Arpit Jain, Cyber Security Engineer at NetWeb Software, SQL Stands for Structured Query Language. It’s a standard language to access, read & write databases. It is a simple language

Achieving A Security Edge with SD-WAN

By Brett Lambing, Vice President of Global Sales Engineering at Cybera, Historically, enterprises have relied upon virtual private networks (VPNs) to control costs while connecting remote locations and/or for deploying

Social Engineering: A Threat to Social Networking

By Arpit Jain, Cyber Security Engineer at NetWeb Software, Social engineering is a popular hacking technique with wide range of spiteful activities practiced through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation

How Vulnerable is Your Data Really?

By Nick Galov – Web Hosting Expert, Content Manager at, By now, most of us are internet savvy enough to realize that we shouldn’t be downloading files off the

New platform aims to transform cybersecurity

By Jon Abbott – Chief Executive Officer at ThreatAware, A new software platform aims to transform cybersecurity by allowing managers to monitor the whole of their cybersecurity from one single

Web-Based Phishing Threats Pose New Risks to an Organization’s Security

By Atif Mustaq – Chief Executive Officer at SlashNext, Thanks to international coverage of large-scale attacks against enterprises and political campaigns, phishing has become a common fear within organizations of

5 Security Practices to Keep Your WordPress Safe

By Nick Galov -Web hosting expert at, WordPress is the most popular site building and content management system in the world. It already powers over a third of all