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The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity in 2020 – Defending the Web Layer

By Atif Mushtaq, CEO & Founder, SlashNext ( The phishing attack arena seems to get worse each year, as cyber criminals find new imaginative ways to target unsuspecting users. While

Why Ransomware Attacks On Cities Are Rising Day By Day?

By Edward Francis, Marketing Executive, Corptive Research Pvt Ltd ( It is all about the money. And destruction. But mostly, money. And for the victims of ransomware attacks, it is

How Smaller Retailers Can Level the Playing Field on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Cliff Duffey, President and Founder, Cybera ( At this time of the year, retailers of all sizes have put on their game faces and are gearing up to maximize

How ‘triple safe’ outbound email security can prevent human error data leaks

By Rick Goud – CEO & Co- Founder at ZIVVER, Research shows that employees spend an average of two and a half hours per day working on emails. Its ease

Shedding Light on the Cutting Edge of Cybercrime

By Christopher “Tophs” Elisan, Director of Intelligence, Flashpoint All too often, cyber-defence measures protect only against known threats. But since threat actors operating on the deep and dark web (DDW),

Eliminating the social media blind spot: 8 tips every Financial Services Institution should know

By Anthony Perridge, VP International at ThreatQuotient More than three billion people around the world use social media each month, with 90 percent of those users accessing their chosen platforms

The Security Flaws of Blockchain—And What to Do About Them

By Don Boxely – CEO and Co- Founder at DH2i, Blockchain is big business—but is it really secure? This year, Forbes introduced the “Blockchain 50,” identifying an impressive roll call

Airbus Incident Shines Spotlight on Third-Party Vendor Security Risks

By Ewen O’Brien – VP of Enterprise, EMEA at BitSight, 2019 has been a year of high-profile attacks, and, as we predicted, it’s only getting worse. That’s certainly the case

Best Ways To Stay Safe Online

By Andin Bicknell – A Data Science Student, The Internet is a fundamental part of many people’s day-to-day lives. It’s entertaining, valuable, and informative, but can also be unsafe, irrespective

How physical and cybersecurity threats converge around mass-participation events

By Josh Lefkowitz – Chief Executive Officer at Flashpoint, It’s been 50 years since the iconic gathering at Woodstock that saw half a million people come together. Today the lure