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Taking Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery (DR) to the Next Level with an SDP Client and Smart Endpoints

By Don Boxely, CEO and Co- Founder at DH2i, Trepidations regarding data protection, privacy and security data protection/privacy—especially disaster recovery (DR)—are driving many organizations to pursue cybersecurity in the cloud.

Four Reasons Why Browsing With Opera’s Vpn Is Safer

By Andin Bicknell , IT Coordinator In this era of hacking, phishing, and malware attacks, you always get the feeling that someone somewhere is stalking you online. Every time you

Adopt These 12 Cybersecurity tips For Staying Safe in 2020

By Rishi Khanna, Chief Executive Officer at ISHIR ( Cyber Security takes many forms and the range and nature of threat is so varied that it will require a multi-faceted

Future-Proofing the Digital Enterprise

By Michael Cabra, Senior Product Manager at Cybera ( While digital transformation may be at the top of every business agenda, many companies are finding that success depends on having

Cyber Security to Expand as Economic Frauds Increase in the BFSI Industry

By Shantanu Ayachit, Content Writer, Fortune Business Insights ( Cyber Security refers to a basket of measures and technologies that are designed to protect the virtual world. This world includes computers,

Why RasPi + SDP Is Ideal for Your IoT Environment

By Don Boxley, CEO & Co-founder, DH2i ( The Internet of Things (IoT) is continuing to grow more and more impactful, if that’s possible. It’s goal of connecting everything has

Cybercrime figures are ‘tip of the iceberg’

By Tim Thurlings, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Bluedog Security Monitoring ( Tim Thurlings of bluedog Security Monitoring says that the current figures disguise the full extent of the problem

The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity in 2020 – Defending the Web Layer

By Atif Mushtaq, CEO & Founder, SlashNext ( The phishing attack arena seems to get worse each year, as cyber criminals find new imaginative ways to target unsuspecting users. While

Why Ransomware Attacks On Cities Are Rising Day By Day?

By Edward Francis, Marketing Executive, Corptive Research Pvt Ltd ( It is all about the money. And destruction. But mostly, money. And for the victims of ransomware attacks, it is

How Smaller Retailers Can Level the Playing Field on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Cliff Duffey, President and Founder, Cybera ( At this time of the year, retailers of all sizes have put on their game faces and are gearing up to maximize