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New platform aims to transform cybersecurity

By Jon Abbott – Chief Executive Officer at ThreatAware, A new software platform aims to transform cybersecurity by allowing managers to monitor the whole of their cybersecurity from one single

Web-Based Phishing Threats Pose New Risks to an Organization’s Security

By Atif Mustaq – Chief Executive Officer at SlashNext, Thanks to international coverage of large-scale attacks against enterprises and political campaigns, phishing has become a common fear within organizations of

5 Security Practices to Keep Your WordPress Safe

By Nick Galov -Web hosting expert at, WordPress is the most popular site building and content management system in the world. It already powers over a third of all

Risky Business: Enterprises Play Roulette with IoT Devices

By Chris Rouland Co- founder and Chief executive officer at Phosphorus Cybersecurity, Enterprises today are putting themselves at risk by allowing vulnerable IoT devices into their businesses. How many lightbulbs does it take to bring down an enterprise? If it’s a smart lightbulb: only one.In what seemingly appears to be a quest for complete connectivity, enterprises are turning a blind

Threat-Actor Opportunism at Peak During Holiday Season

By Mike Mimoso, Editorial Director at Flashpoint, Attackers’ opportunism is never higher during the year than in the holiday shopping season. As a result, businesses must be aware of the

7 Steps to Develop and Deploy Data Loss Prevention Strategy

By William Harvye, Senior Technical Content Writer at Hackercombat, It is not that only large enterprise should worry about Data Loss Prevention because now even small companies of all sizes

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security: Bulletproof Software Defined Perimeter Implementations

By Don Boxely, CEO and Co- Founder at DH2i, The decentralization of today’s enterprise is a recognized fact. The multitude of cloud benefits—cheap storage, pay-per-use pricing, disaster recovery (DR), and

Things To Understand To Prevent Data Loss

By Julia Sowells Senior Information Security Specialist at Hacker Combat, Customer data is the lifeblood of any business entity; they are driven towards the increasing obligation of securing it as they

The Only Counter Strategy Against Data Loss: Reliable Backup Methodology

By Julia Sowells Senior Information Security Specialist at Hacker Combat, In the turn of the century 18 years ago, people have embraced Web 2.0, a new dynamic web replacing the static

Securing your company’s supply chain with objective information

By Ewen O’Brien, EMEA Director at  BitSight Understanding the risk posed by third- and fourth-party companies can help mitigate security problems In light of the almost daily news of companies