Four Reasons Why Browsing With Opera’s Vpn Is Safer


By Andin Bicknell , IT Coordinator

In this era of hacking, phishing, and malware attacks, you always get the feeling that someone somewhere is stalking you online. Every time you access a website, you feel like someone is tracking every move you make, every click you make. But for how long will you live with this fear? You need to start browsing safely and freely without having to constantly check your back. One choice you have is to buy a VPN of your own or opt for available VPN is browsers. That is why the Opera browser for Android is considered by many as a life-saver.

Opera now has an in-built browser VPN that greatly improves user online privacy and security, including when you use an unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot. This security feature is free and unlimited to all Opera users. Combining the Opera VPN and the foolproof, fault-tolerant security mechanism that comes with java programming, you can be sure that your online security is guaranteed. That is why you should go ahead and hire java outsourcing services in case you haven’t done that already. Of course, you will never find a more secure programming language than Java.

That being said, how true is the assertion that Opera’s VPN is safer than other VPNs? Here are 4 reasons why browsing with Opera’s VPN is your safest option.

1. Enables geo-spoofing

Sometimes you need to hide your actual geographic location so that you appear as if you are browsing from a different location. That is known as geo-spoofing. In most cases, online content consumers geo-spoof their location to access content that is restricted to their location or that is out of their region. But there is more to geo-spoofing than just accessing geo-restricted online content.
If a hacker is tracking your location, you can confuse him by hiding your IP address and geo-spoofing your location. You can also mislead social media platforms as well as search engines that track and report your location to marketers and political campaigns. Opera’s VPN gives you the option of appearing as if you are browsing in the US, Asia, or Europe.

2. Fool-proof data encryption
Opera VPN uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm to create a secure tunnel through which data passes when going in and out of your network. Data experts suggest that encrypting online traffic is one of the most effective forms of data security.
256-bit encryption is universally accepted as a top-level data security protocol. It is used across industries, particularly in regards to banking, payment processing, and client data protection. Being the standard level of security, 256-bit encryption guarantees you that your browsing data is safe and secure regardless of the magnitude of the threat.

3. It is compatible with multiple browsing devices
Opera’s VPN is compatible with nearly all operating systems, both for computers, raspberry pi 4 devices, or smartphones. That is to say that this VPN protects your data regardless of where you browse from- at the workplace, at home, or even when on the road. All you need to do is check the VPN box on your Opera browser and you are safe. Opera’s app for iOS and Android, on the other hand, protects not only the data you share via your browser but also the data you share and store in other mobile applications that you’ve installed on your smartphone.

4. It is user-friendly
The Opera browser VPN is as simple and straightforward as it comes. It doesn’t, for example, require additional apps to operate, neither does it charge you any monthly fees like most of the VPNs you find on the internet. To install it, all you need to do is go to Settings > Advanced > Features > VPN and then turn on “Enable VPN”. The installation is a breeze and controlling your VPN settings is effortless. That means that any internet or smartphone user can easily configure this VPN. The security of your data is, quite literally, in your hands.

Opera’s VPN is secure and fast, so you can send and receive signals from remote servers in a matter of milliseconds. You will probably have to deal with a slightly increased ping, especially when compared to a VPN-less connection, but that would be a small price to pay for the safety of your data. The most important thing is that Opera VPN can cope with the best broadband connections. You will not find a safer free VPN anywhere else on the planet.

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