Adopt These 12 Cybersecurity tips For Staying Safe in 2020


By Rishi Khanna, Chief Executive Officer at ISHIR (

Cyber Security takes many forms and the range and nature of threat is so varied that it will require a multi-faceted solution. The cyber security is akin to health-remedy market, thriving on the promise of ‘new and improved’. But maintaining comprehensive cyber security defence is easier said than done.
With Cyberattacks and ransomware on the rise and Cyber security in a state of flux, it makes it that much harder to stay updated.  Not long ago, businesses holding valuable data and information, for example in insurance or financial services, bore the brunt of cyber-attacks. But with hackers becoming more sophisticated in their approach, no one is safe.

Cyber-attacks are baleful not only for organizations, but also for employees and consumers. They not only destroy sensitive data but also destroy people’s business and their financial and personal lives.
As per the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, which was Sponsored by IBM Security and conducted by Ponemon Institute, the average per-company cost of a data breach globally was $3.86 million! Can your company afford to absorb this staggering amount?
Organizations will continue to get breached unless all employees adopt a Cyber security mindset as their second nature. No Business wants to be at the receiving end of cyberattacks, but as time goes by, avoiding them is getting harder.
Cyber security Maturity is something many organizations are still struggling with. That’s the reason why in spite of increased spending on cyber security, breaches are still happening.

Organizations can train their employees to identify a phishing email or some other form of attempt to steal information by hackers, but some users will have a bad day and will make mistakes. With more devices connecting and so much data out there, hackers will always have a field day.
So, what you should focus on? Read about 12 Cyber security tips that can save your network from disaster.

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