What Do Your Map Apps Know About You?


By Amanda Tallent – Content Creator at The Zebra,

Our willingness to embrace modern technology is often met with a trade off in terms of privacy and security. The simple act of using our smartphone to navigate to a new restaurant transmits more personal data than most of us are probably comfortable with. However, we rely on apps like Google Maps and Waze to get us where we need to go safely, and in the shortest time possible.

It’s important to be aware of the data that large tech companies are collecting, and even more so, what they are doing with your personal data. Even though data collected on you is anonymized, you may still be served targeted advertisements based on what they know about you.

The most common navigation apps may know

  • Where you live
  • Places you’ve visited
  • How long you’ve stayed at businesses
  • Your typical travel patterns

The visual below (created by The Zebra) explains what data your map apps know about you and what that means for your own privacy.

If you’re interested in learning more about what these map apps collect or how to disable your location for each app, head over to the original post.

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