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Why hackers reuse malware

Software developers love to reuse code wherever possible, and hackers are no exception. While we often think of different malware strains as separate entities, the reality is that most new

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Cyber security predictions for 2018

Mike McKee, CEO of insider threat management company ObserveIT has outlined his predictions regarding cyber security in 2018.Whether it comes from social engineering or from an insider threat, the human


Evolving Cloud-Native Applications Require New Best Practices

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-native applications to gain speed, flexibility and scalability. But this new technology radically changes the way software operates and interacts, which also changes the ways


The long tail of phishing attacks

Targeted phishing has become the single most effective attack type in the world today. Phishing attacks have been the root cause of the majority of the large-scale data breaches that


6 Steps for Sharing Threat Intelligence

Industry experts offer specific reasons to share threat information, why it’s important – and how to get started. Click Here To View Original Webpage At www.darkreading.com

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Risk assessment: The first step in improving cyber security

Despite the proliferation of high profile cyber-attacks over the last 18 months, many organisations are still too disorganised in their approach to security. While it is no longer feasible to

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Extortion-based cyber attacks: The next evolution in profit-motivated attack strategies

Today, data breaches have impacted just about every industry possible. From entertainment to the restaurant industry, no sector or organization appears to be safe, and it has been predicted that


Crafty Hackers Are Stealing Millions From Art Galleries And Buyers

Cyber criminals looking to make a quick buck have increasingly turned to ransomware in recent years. More patient types are working a more elaborate scheme that’s yielding paydays of tens

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Modernizing cybersecurity training for the next generation

Equifax, Verizon, Molina Healthcare, Deloitte, Whole Foods, Wendy’s… it seems like every time we turn on the television another high-profile data breach is being reported. Despite an unprecedented number of security tools

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Security Top Tips

There is a great deal of noise around the increasingly sophisticated threat that attackers now pose to organisations, and the restricted IT budgets with which to fight back. So much