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Top Tech Vendors Targeted by CCleaner Malware

A cyber-attack revealed this week which spread via popular performance optimization tool CCleaner was designed to target several major technology firms, it has emerged.Updates from both Cisco Talos and Avast


Three barriers to digital IDs on the blockchain – Help Net Security

There has been a lot of hype around blockchain technology and the benefits it could potentially bring to a wide variety of verticals, including identity verification. While the benefits are exciting, there


Intrusion detection is speeding up: Is it enough to tackle global cyber threats? – Help Net Security

As criminals continue to develop new methods to break or sidestep cyber defences, in many cases the focus is shifting towards the ability to detect and respond to an incident


Cloud Security Is Not an Either/Or

Now that cloud has become pervasive, organizations and individuals everywhere need to think about cloud security. To say that data is either fully secure or vulnerable in the cloud would

Industry Insights

Top 15 tips to improve cyber security – Telappliant

Even the largest and most sophisticated companies like Google and Facebook still succumb to the threat of cybercrime. So it’s not surprise that cybercrime is now the 2nd most reported

Identity Theft

Top 10 Tips for Identity Theft Protection – State of California – Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General

An identity thief takes your personal information and uses it without your knowledge. The thief may run up debts or even commit crimes in your name. The following tips can

Industry Insights

​Top 5 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Hackers Away – CSO – The Resource for Data Security Executives

The internet today is not as safe as many think it is as there are cyber predators lurking around every corner. Cyber-attacks set a record in 2016, with big names


Practical steps to cyber security for law firms – Legal Futures

On average, 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred per day in 2016, according to a report from the FBI. Diving deeper, ransomware attacks on businesses have become more frequent as well. Between

IT Compliance

Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

After nearly 20 years of trying and billions of dollars in investment, why are organizations are still struggling with cybersecurity? In fact, the problem seems to be getting worse, not


Seven tips for staying safe in the cloud – ITProPortal

The rise of the cloud has, for the first time ever, allowed businesses to truly operate independent of location and geography, but it’s also created a new class of security