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Security by Design – Future-Proof

How does one “future-proof” a security program? What does “future-proof” even mean? “Future Proof” refers to an organization, business, program or product that performs all of the right jinks (moves)


Is a UTM Appliance the Right Security Solution for Your Business?

A unified threat management device, or UTM security appliance, can provide a comprehensive and easily managed security solution for small and mid-sized organizations at reasonable cost. UTM appliances provide an

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Hacker-powered security is reaching critical mass

HackerOne announced findings from the 2018 Hacker-Powered Security Report, based on over 72,000 resolved security vulnerabilities, 1,000 customer programs and more than $31 million in bounties awarded to hackers from

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SEC Cybersecurity Update May Lead to Increased Oversight

In direct response to an unprecedented streak of massive data breaches and security incidents, the SEC recently released a statement and guidance on public company cybersecurity disclosures. The SEC’s guidance has two

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You Know You’re at Risk, Now What?

Last month, in The War Few are Talking About, I described industrial cyberattacks as a form of “economic warfare” designed to advance geopolitical agendas. Just as the world came to recognize

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Healthcare Organizations Must Strengthen Their Cybersecurity Immunity To Avoid Falling Victim To Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals looking to make a profit are turning their attention towards an industry known for housing sensitive consumer data with weak security protocols: healthcare. In April of 2018, Utah-based company HealthEquity reported

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What is corporate espionage? Inside the murky world of private spying

Companies gather intelligence on their rivals just like nation-states do. Sometimes its legal, but industrial espionage can easily slip over the line into criminality. Corporate espionage — sometimes also called industrial

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The Next Big Lesson for Security: Context is King

Imagine if every time someone saw a person carrying packages out of a house, they assumed it was a robbery and called the police. The police department would be overwhelmed


IoT security a concern, but most companies don’t have a way to detect attacks on ICS

Industrial organizations are concerned about IoT security, with 77% believing their ICS network will suffer an attack. Yet nearly half have no measures in place to detect such an attack.Industrial


Top reasons CEOs should care about privacy

Privacy protection will undoubtedly be one of the defining issues of the internet age, and it’s important for leaders and companies to take notice and actively prevent breaches and protect