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Cybersecurity and digital trade: Getting it right

Trade and cybersecurity are increasingly intertwined. The expansion of the internet globally and use of data flows globally by businesses and consumers for communication, e-commerce, and as a source of


How much risk small businesses really pose to supply chain cybersecurity?

50% of large enterprises view third-party partners of any size as a cybersecurity risk, but only 14% have experienced a breach as the result of a small business partner, while

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Effective Risk Analysis in Cybersecurity, Operational Technology and the Supply Chain

Today, risk is the main cause of uncertainty in any organization. Both internal and external influences make it hard to predict if, when, and to what extent corporate objectives will


Converged IT and OT to Advance Security Maturity

The convergence of IT, operational technology (OT) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) has raised concerns about cybersecurity, safety and data privacy for many organizations, according to a new Ponemon Institute study. Released

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China Chip Hack Shines Spotlight on Hardware and Supply-Chain Risk

By Jimmy Astle, Senior Threat Reseracher, and Paul Drapeau, Enterprise Architect – Security Efficacy at  Carbon Black, Recent revelations in the press from Bloomberg regarding Chinese hardware implants and supply-chain compromise