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Distributed disruption: Coronavirus multiplies the risk of severe cyberattacks

The coronavirus pandemic is upending everything we know. As the tally of infected people grows by the hour, global healthcare, economic, political, and social systems are bending and breaking under the strain,

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UK government issues 2020 Cyber Security Breaches Survey

Cyber-threats are on the rise, according to the UK government. A new report findsthat nearly half of businesses, at 46 percent, in the UK faced cybersecurity breaches or attacks in

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Chubb Cyber Insurer Allegedly Hit By Maze Ransomware Attack

Cyber insurer giant Chubb is allegedly the latest ransomware victim according to the operators of the Maze Ransomware who claim to have encrypted the company in March 2020. Click here


Cybersecurity: This attack is the most common threat you will face

Organisations are detecting higher numbers of phishing emails than before, while detection of malware and ransomware have halved. Almost half of businesses have experienced a cyberattack or data breach in

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COVID-19 Vaccine Test Center Hit By Cyber Attack, Stolen Data Posted Online

A medical facility on standby to help test any coronavirus vaccine has been hit by a ransomware group that promised not to target medical organizations. Click here to view original

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Healthcare Workers Targeted By Dangerous New Windows Ransomware Campaign Using Coronavirus As Bait

Cybercriminals, who truly deserve the epithet of cyberscum, are attacking healthcare targets with a new and dangerous Windows ransomware campaign. Click here to view original webpage at www.forbes.com


Healthcare cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus

Brno University Hospital, in Brno, Czech Republic, which is one of the country’s Covid-19 testing centers, has recently been hit by a cyberattack. The nature of the attack has yet to be

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2019 saw cybersecurity as a massive issue, both for the technology industry and the general public. Between ransomware attacks, credit card fraud, and a tsunami wave of new app releases


Keeping Data Secure in the Always-On World

The nature of the modern business is to keep systems ‘always-on.’ As competition rises across all industries, maintaining customer service and experience is of the upmost importance. This means no


Cybercriminals Leveraging Coronavirus Outbreak to Execute Ransomware Attacks

Cybercriminals are likely to leverage the global anxiety around the coronavirus outbreak to execute ransomware attacks against businesses, according to RiskIQ. Click here to view original webpage at www.helpnetsecurity.com