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Should You Build Your Infrastructure to be Hit by a Cyber Attack?

There’s a perfect cybersecurity storm happening. We’re seeing more attacks than ever before but there aren’t enough infosec experts out there to defend organizations, meaning that infrastructure and operations teams


Get Ready For A Ransomware Tsunami

OK, maybe you can’t say the two cities in Florida hit with ransomware a few weeks ago dodged a bullet, but at least they dodged the digital equivalent of a


3 Trends Plaguing Healthcare Cybersecurity & How to Fight Them

Reviewing and responding to current threat intelligence is an essential part of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy. However, the need to regularly consult threat data and update defenses is amplified in

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity crisis communication: How to do it well

Riviera Beach is one of the several cities and towns in Florida which have recently been hit with ransomware and its local government, like that of Lake City before it, decided to


Don’t Play the Victim: #HowTo Create a Ransomware Backup Plan

Data is a company’s most precious asset, but storing it entails a major responsibility to keep that data safe. This isn’t just the responsibility of the IT or security team.


Best practices for preventing and recovering from a ransomware attack

How to defend and recover from ransomware attacks.Today’s cyber-criminals are smarter than ever, and it’s likely that we are yet to see the most advanced attacks the world has seen.


Anatomy of a ransomware attack: How attackers gain access to unstructured data

Ransomware isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s effects are starting to be felt more widely, and more deeply than ever before. Behemoths like Sony, Nissan, FedEx, Kraft Foods and Deutsche Bank


Cybercriminals leverage malicious Office docs, Mac malware, web app exploits

There’s been a 62% increase in overall malware detections in Q1 2019 compared to the previous quarter. A new Watchguard report also found that cybercriminals are leveraging a wide array


How past threats and technical developments influence the evolution of malware

If we want to anticipate how malware will evolve in the near future, we have to keep two things in mind: past threats and current technical developments. “The evolution of

Software Vendor News

Ransomware Disrupts Worldwide Production for Belgian Aircraft Parts Maker

ASCO Industries, a manufacturer of aerospace components with headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium, has been hit with ransomware, which ended up disrupting its production around the world. The attack reportedly started