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Two Steps to Adopting Cyber Security Best Practices for Manufacturing

The manufacturing environment is changing fast. Innovation and automation are unlocking efficiencies and growth potential, but the new technologies driving digitization also increase exposure to cyber and other threats that

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As the pace of security breaches keeps on expanding, so does the variety of attacks and the advances and procedures set up to counteract them. However, the top threats in

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Security leaders lack confidence in the supply chain, fear third-party attacks

An overwhelming number of cybersecurity professionals (89%) have expressed concerns about the third-party managed service providers (MSPs) they partner with being hacked, according to new research from the Neustar International


DoD unveils new cybersecurity certification model for contractors

Best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to Federal Drive’s daily audio interviews on Apple Podcasts or PodcastOne. The Defense Department sees its new certification model, which it unveiled to


Supply chain security: Five IT strategies for choosing vendors wisely

With the proliferation of SaaS solutions, API integrations and cloud computing, virtually everything in the modern enterprise is connected to untold number of outside entities. In fact, many business processes

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Application Security: Only As Good As the Company You Keep

By John Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Waratek, According to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, in the near future “every business will become a software business.” By leveraging the right

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A point-in-time approach to risk management is no longer effective

Among organizations that engage third parties to provide business services, 83% identified third-party risks after conducting due diligence and before recertification, according to Gartner. Gartner’s survey of more than 250 legal and

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What to Consider When Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy

In a world where devices of all types are connected to networks, the need to maintain strong cybersecurity is greater than ever. For organizations, particularly those that retain financial and


Cyber security risk is at critical levels, with people the biggest risk

Untrained staff are likely to unintentionally invite unwanted threats to enterprises.Survey fnds Mobile Devices, Wireless Networks and Cloud Services increase Cyber Risk. 62% of those surveyed believe people are the


Is there a weak link in blockchain security?

Recent research revealed that blockchain is set to become ubiquitous by 2025, entering mainstream business and underpinning supply chains worldwide. This technology is set to provide greater transparency, traceability and immutability, allowing