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Top Tips On Cyber Security for SMEs

Cyber criminals are a part of modern life, from Uber account hacks to major business data breaches, our online identities are rarely safe. And, while big-name companies under threat often


BYOD Risks Grow as Half of Firms Fail on Policies

BYOD is increasingly popular in the workplace, but half of organizations are exposing themselves to unnecessary extra risks by not implementing a clear policy on usage, according to Bitglass. The security

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Spring Cleaning Part 3: Six Ways for SMBs to Update Cyber Security Policies and Reduce Risk

Setting a high security standard is critical for any small business to protect their employees, customers, and essential data. A cybersecurity policy encompasses the actions, resources, and responsibilities necessary to

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8 Steps to More Effective Small Business Security

Small business face the same security challenges as large enterprises but with much smaller security teams. Here are 8 things to do to get the most from yours. Big cybersecurity

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SMBs could be the key to cracking data breaches

With SMBs making up almost all private businesses in the country, it is essential they step up their security game. If we want to reduce the number of successful cyberattacks that target

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Don’t Be Trapped – Close Cybersecurity Holes

Take a glance at the most discussed cybersecurity news of the week. Learn about the current cybersecurity holes in business applications and how to avoid them. The air is filled with

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Webroot SMBs And Cybersecurity Report

Following the news of a recent Webroot report titled “Size Does Matter”, which highlights SMBs’ perception of cybersecurity risks, Paul Norris, Senior Systems Engineer for EMEA at Tripwire, gives his

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SMBs spending a day each week dealing with cybersecurity issues

Almost half of UK small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe a cyberattack would put their business at risk of closure, and 48 per cent of businesses report they have had

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Cybercriminals Have Your Business In Their Crosshairs And Your Employees Are In Cahoots With Them

Thus begins the ransomware email that could spell utter doom for your business. Think it can’t happen to you? You may want to think again. Cybercrime is big business. According


Healthcare Cybersecurity Preparedness Tops HHS Priority List

Recently, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (“HHS”) issued guidance for healthcare cybersecurity best practices.  As required under the Cybersecurity Act (CSA) of 2015, this four-part guidance was generated by a Task