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Only 12% or organizations are likely to detect a sophisticated cyber attack

Organizations believe that today’s cyber threat landscape places them at high risk of cyber attacks. The EY survey of nearly 1,200 C-level leaders of the world’s largest and most recognized

Identity Theft

Identity theft concerns won’t hold back holiday shopping

Despite concerns about identity theft and fraud, consumers don’t plan to curb their holiday shopping, according to Discover.While 62 percent of consumers are very or moderately concerned about identify theft


Consumers Want IoT Toys Regardless of Security, Survey Reports

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, American consumers are likely to be buying more connected Internet of Thing (IoT) toys and devices in 2017 than ever before. With those


Sad state of enterprise cloud infrastructure governance

A new survey of more than 300 IT professionals, conducted by Propeller Insights in October 2017, revealed that the state of enterprise cloud infrastructure governance is extremely poor.In spite of


Criminals leverage unsecured IoT devices, DDoS attacks surge

Organizations experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during Q3 2017 – equivalent to 8 DDoS attack attempts every day – as hackers strive to take their organisations offline


What motivates bug hunters?

Crowdsourced security penetration testing outfit Bugcrowd has released its second annual “Mind of a Hacker” report, to provide insight into bug hunters’ motivations and preferences, and help companies tailor their

Industry Insights

Poor Security Habits Plague Large Enterprises

Despite being ripe targets for cybercriminals, most large enterprises lack control over employee data access and follow weak password practices.According to Preempt’s survey of 200 management-level professionals at organizations with

Identity Theft

Poor security habits are the ideal recipe for a breach

A Preempt survey of more than 200 employees (management level or above) from enterprise companies of 1000 or more people, found that businesses are left exposed by employees who have

IT Compliance

Only a fifth of UK large businesses are ready for GDPR

Survey reveals many big companies are nowhere near ready for the May 25th deadline.Less than a fifth of large UK and multi-national organisations say that they are highly confident they’ll

Identity Theft

Measuring fraud trends across various industries

Businesses across industries are experiencing more sophisticated fraud attempts across multiple customer-not-present channels, according to IDology.Sixty-seven percent of organizations reported an increase in fraud attempts, compared to just 42 percent