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KBR to Strengthen Cybersecurity of USAF Systems

KBR Inc., an American engineering, procurement, and construction company, announced that it was awarded US$26.8 million contract to provide cybersecurity engineering support to the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC)


Healthcare cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus

Brno University Hospital, in Brno, Czech Republic, which is one of the country’s Covid-19 testing centers, has recently been hit by a cyberattack. The nature of the attack has yet to be


Google Confirms ‘Malicious’ Security Threats Hiding On Play Store: Delete These 12 Apps Now

When we are alerted of apps that violate our policies,” a Google spokesperson told me, “we investigate and take action.” That’s good, but leading cybersecurity firm Check Point warns that

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Coronavirus Scam Alert: Watch Out For These Risky COVID-19 Websites And Emails

Cybercriminals and nation state-sponsored spies didn’t take long to catch onto the coronavirus panic. Research released Thursday shows crooks and snoops have been rapidly registering vast numbers of potentially-malicious websites

Software Security

The good and bad uses of AI

Providing the very best customer experience continues to be a top priority for nearly every single business. Businesses are keen to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies thanks to their promise

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Most Computers Easy to Hack Due to Vulnerability in Memory Chips

Most computer systems are still very easy to hack, due to a vulnerability in memory chips produced by Samsung, Micron and Hynix, according to a study by researchers from VUSec

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Scientists Expose Another Security Flaw in Intel Processors

Computer scientists at KU Leuven have once again exposed a security flaw in Intel processors. Jo Van Bulck, Frank Piessens, and their colleagues in Austria, the United States, and Australia


Keeping Data Secure in the Always-On World

The nature of the modern business is to keep systems ‘always-on.’ As competition rises across all industries, maintaining customer service and experience is of the upmost importance. This means no

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A First-Class Feature: Security in the Era of Worker Data

A company is responsible for protecting its data, just like any other asset, but unlike a typical business asset, data comes with a range of dire consequences if its safety


Passwords Still Dominant Authentication Method, Top Cause of Data Breaches

Passwords remain the dominant method of authentication and top cause of data breaches, according to MobileIron. A new report also highlighted the importance of a zero trust security strategy that provides context-aware, conditional