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The Value of Predictive Email Security

Predictive technology is the use of machine learning to calculate with confidence a future event, thereby empowering organizations to proactively prepare for trending email phishing attacks. In fact, threat prediction


How to break our bad online security habits – with a flashing cyber nudge

The number of cyber attacks is estimated to have risen by 67% over the last five years, with the majority of these data breaches being traced back to human error. The potential risks


5 cyber security trends for 2019

Promoted by Keypath education.  Cyber security is increasing in importance for members of the public and business owners alike. Discover five trends that you really need to know. Norton Security

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By Afrozulla Khan Z – Cyber Investigator at  SRL TRINITNY VISION PVT LTD, Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks.  In


Security: a Missing Ingredient in Many DevOps Implementations

The expanded, technology-driven opportunities in today’s digital economy comes with unprecedented competitive pressures to innovate swiftly and with precise execution – pressures that figure to intensify as continuous iterating in


DevSecOps process — why security needs to be at the heart of DevOps

Why stop at combining development and operations? Rusty Carter, VP product management at Arxan, believes organisations must add security to the equation to form DevSecOps. DevOps should become DevSecOps. While



Beware of an emerging security threat: Credential stuffing. This involves bots making high-volume login attempts with stolen user credentials to execute catastrophic account hijacking and takeovers. A credential stuffing attack forced


Cyber security decoded: 5 tips by experts to protect your bank, social media accounts and more

There have been various reports in past, where bank accounts are being hacked or mobile apps have leaked data of individuals or even hackers selling millions of people’s identity on


Zero-day attack: An attack that can spread faster than defenders can react

A zero-day vulnerability is a weakness within a computer network or software program that is unknown to the developers.  The term ‘zero-day’ indicates that the developers do not get any


Tips to spring clean your company’s social media and stay protected

With springtime comes warmer weather, sunnier days, and—somewhat inexplicably—the urge to purge. And while many will budget extra time to clear out closets or downsize their collection of coffee table books,