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Protect Your Organization Against Password Spraying

Password spraying, unlike traditional brute force attacks, often stays under the radar. Instead of targeting a single account with multiple password guesses, password spraying uses a high-probability password against multiple


New Open Source Solution Reduces The Risks Associated With Cloud Deployments

The technology will fight to protect people using desktop applications running on digital platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Galahad will leverage nested virtualization, layered sensing and logging to


True passwordless authentication is still quite a while away

The password has been one of the great inventions in the history of computing: a solution that allowed simple and effective identity and access management when the need arose for it. Unfortunately,


The importance of hardening firmware security

It’s no secret that attackers traditionally go after low-hanging fruit when hacking a system. Historically, this has meant targeting user applications, and, for deeper persistence, the operating system (OS) kernel


Radical Transparency and Zero Trust: Putting Concept into Practice

Enterprise CIOs, CSOs and VPs of security need business outcomes and a positive ROI from their MSSP. One way to achieve this level of trust is with radical transparency with zero


Employment phishing lures pose a big threat to jobseekers’ current organisations

Online employment is fertile ground for social engineering and phishing attacks – watch out for these. Job hunting is demanding of your time, energy, and mental capacity, no matter what

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What Do Your Map Apps Know About You?

By Amanda Tallent – Content Creator at The Zebra, Our willingness to embrace modern technology is often met with a trade off in terms of privacy and security. The simple


The importance of IT asset management within digital transformation processes

In this Help Net Security podcast, Marco Rottigni, Chief Technical Security Officer for Qualys across EMEA, talks about the importance of IT asset management within digital transformation processes. He illustrates why it’s


Should You Build Your Infrastructure to be Hit by a Cyber Attack?

There’s a perfect cybersecurity storm happening. We’re seeing more attacks than ever before but there aren’t enough infosec experts out there to defend organizations, meaning that infrastructure and operations teams


Hacked Hair Straightener Could Set a Fire

Security researchers have hacked hair straighteners from Glamoriser, according to Pen Test Partners. The UK firm bills itself as the maker of the “world’s first Bluetooth hair straighteners,” devices that users can link to