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Four Cloud Security Predictions For 2019

The cloud is a vital part of any enterprise infrastructure. The convenience of having a database that can be accessed from any location has dramatically improved efficiency within workforces. While


Battling attacks from global criminal networks in the financial sector

Every now and then, banks and financial institutions (and their customers) are targeted by opportunistic hackers, but they are much more worried about those that are smarter, have access to


Risky Business: Enterprises Play Roulette with IoT Devices

By Chris Rouland Co- founder and Chief executive officer at Phosphorus Cybersecurity, Enterprises today are putting themselves at risk by allowing vulnerable IoT devices into their businesses. How many lightbulbs does it take to bring down an enterprise? If it’s a smart lightbulb: only one.In what seemingly appears to be a quest for complete connectivity, enterprises are turning a blind


The Latest Threats to ATM Security

Attacks against automated teller machines (ATMs) are nothing new, for obvious reasons. They are a perfect target for both conventional thieves and hackers, standing at the intersection of physical theft


Hackers Threaten to Release 9/11 Data ‘Trove’

A notorious hacking group is claiming to have put up for sale stolen legal and other documents relating to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The individual(s) known as ‘The Dark Overlord’

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Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure Poise to Reshape Cyber Landscape

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a marked shift in cyber-attacks. Traditionally, hackers have focused on theft; stealing data is easily monetizable, which meant that headline attacks

Identity Theft

Marriott data breach: 500 million times concerned

On November 30, 2018, Marriott International announced an enormous data breach concerning 500 million clients, the second biggest ever. With new data breaches being announced almost daily, you have to ask yourself, how

Identity Theft

Hackers stole almost 30,000 Victorian public servants’ work details

The work details of nearly 30,000 Victorian government employees have been stolen in a recent data breach. The stolen data included work details such as work emails, job description, and

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What is the Evolving Role of Ethical Hackers in the New Age of Cybersecurity?

My colleague, Ryan Kh of Smart Data Collective has published a number of articles on the role of machine learning in cybersecurity. While he has emphasized the benefits of Big Data in protecting against


Safeguarding Your Corporate Environment from Social Engineering

Technology on a global scale is getting smarter by the day. Breaching systems, networks and devices is no longer a piece of cake as it used to be many years