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Equifax and Heartbleed are most-Googled cyber security terms

The Equifax data breach of 2017, which saw 140 million customer records compromised, and the Heartbleed OpenSSL cryptographic library vulnerability of 2014, which enabled hackers to easily steal personal information, are the

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#GartnerSEC: How Security Leaders Can Navigate Difficult Discussions in the Enterprise

Speaking at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019 in London Tina Nunno, distinguished VP analyst, Gartner, explored the difficulties security and risk managers can face in dealing with ‘political’ discussions in

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Eliminating Cyber Threats in 2020: Why Enterprises Need to Rethink Cyber security

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered solutions are a cost-effective way to deal with threats that reside on mobile devices, web servers, etc and proliferate from a number of sources. In 2018, a

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7 Cybersecurity Certifications That Matter in a Growing Market

Businesses have come to learn the importance of cybersecurity hygiene the hard way. Yet many of those same businesses are still ill-equipped to deal not only with the threats of today,

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Why Artificial Intelligence Will Save Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is in a dire state. Massive breaches are commonplace. A few years ago, 70 million Target customers were affected by a large-scale cyber attack. Target’s CIO was immediately let

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Cyber Security Roundup for August 2019

Twitter boss, Jack Doresy, had his Twitter account was hacked at the end of August, with hackers using his account to send a stream of offensive messages to his 4.2 million followers.

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Why must the public sector take a security by design approach?

Cyber security is a high-profile issue for UK public sector bodies, as recent news shows. Iain Shearman, Managing Director of KCOM’s National Network Services, looks at why the public sector needs to


IT Security Pros: Encryption Backdoors Are Election Hacking Risk

The IT security community overwhelmingly believes that government-mandated encryption backdoors will put countries at a greater risk of election hacking, according to new Venafi research. The security vendor polled over 380 security professionals


Cyber Security: Are IoT deployments in India safe from hackers?

The attacks originated in European countries such as Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia predominantly and were aimed at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in India.As per the Subex report, these

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Improving cybersecurity in education systems

Cybersecurity within education has never been more important. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. We already know that businesses, organisations, and government entities must follow certain guidelines