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No individual or company is sheltered from the reach of cybercriminals. Corporate data breaches are more typical than any time ever, and notwithstanding progresses in security programming, hackers keep on

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Privacy of 28 million Canadians breached in past year

More than 28 million Canadians’ privacy has been affected by 680 reported breaches in the past year – six times the previous year’s volume – Canada’s privacy chief says. That

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Pemex Faces Payment Problems After Cyber Attack Shut System

A ransomware attack that hit Mexico’s Petroleos Mexicanos is disrupting the company’s billing systems, according to people familiar with the situation. Pemex is relying on manual billing that could affect payment of


The password reuse problem is a ticking time bomb

Despite Bill Gates predicting the demise of passwords back in 2004, they are still very much in use. Passwords, like email, seem future proof; but they are also the source

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When is the right time to red team?

It takes a thief to catch a thief. Despite being hundreds of years old, this idiom holds perfectly true for that most modern of thieves, the cybercriminal. With adversaries consistently evolving


Security by Sector: How Smartphone Biometric Risks Threaten the Banking Industry

The subject of how information security impacts different industry sectors is an intriguing one. For example, how does the finance industry fare in terms of information security compared to the


Hackers Infect PCs With Cryptocurrency Miners Using BlueKeep Remote Desktop Security Flaw

Hackers attempting to mass-infect PC users with cryptocurrency miners have started exploiting the Windows BlueKeep vulnerability, as recently reported by BleepingComputer. The security flaw can impact the Remote Desktop Protocol of


How to Prevent, Detect & Recover from Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. Hackers do this by either getting the victim to click on a malicious link in an email that

Identity Theft


Shoulder surfing is a type of data theft where cyber criminals steal personal information or confidential information by peering over the target’s shoulders. This act is much more common than

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Microsoft: Russia Again Hacks Anti-Doping and Sports Agencies

Facing possible exclusion from the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and other major athletic events, Russia once again has been attempting to hack anti-doping agencies and sports organizations, Microsoft reported yesterday. Click