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Insider attacks still far more difficult to detect and prevent than external cyber attacks

A recent survey conducted by Gurucul of more than 320 IT security experts, found that 15 percent of people said they would delete files or change passwords upon exiting a


Best practices for preventing and recovering from a ransomware attack

How to defend and recover from ransomware attacks.Today’s cyber-criminals are smarter than ever, and it’s likely that we are yet to see the most advanced attacks the world has seen.

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Animation for The Cybersecurity Place: Car hacking methods + prevention tips

Whether or not we realize it, cybersecurity is costing us. On average, malware attacks cost companies $2.4 million and 50 days worth of time — although the amount can be

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Why is Cybersecurity Important?

The internet is everywhere, in our PCs, phones, vacuum cleaners, streetlights; you name it. In fact, it helps keep us and many of the things in our modern world running.

Identity Theft

Before Blaming Hackers, Check Your Configurations

Improving configuration management in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications can minimize the risk of data loss, phishing campaigns and prevent breaches. How can the IT team put up guardrails for users? Click



Beware of an emerging security threat: Credential stuffing. This involves bots making high-volume login attempts with stolen user credentials to execute catastrophic account hijacking and takeovers. A credential stuffing attack forced


Zero-day attack: An attack that can spread faster than defenders can react

A zero-day vulnerability is a weakness within a computer network or software program that is unknown to the developers.  The term ‘zero-day’ indicates that the developers do not get any

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How can shipping meet the cyber security challenge?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ applies in cyber security as elsewhere, and a panel debate on how cyber attacks can be prevented will form one of the highlights of the Maritime

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How horizontal security layers offer your organisation the best protection

One of the many issues that keep business owners awake at night is that of adequately protecting the data they are responsible for.  While there’s no straightforward and foolproof way

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Database Hacking & Its Prevention

By Arpit Jain, Cyber Security Engineer at NetWeb Software, SQL Stands for Structured Query Language. It’s a standard language to access, read & write databases. It is a simple language