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Identity Theft

Hacking Back as the Top Breach Incident Type

Hacking regained the top incident type spot, representing 37% of total breaches in May and an 8% increase over April figures in the San Diego-based Identity Theft Resource Center’smonthly report. Of


WannaCry Kill Switch Researcher Faces New Hacking Charges

A man credited with helping to prevent the spread of WannaCry has been hit by more hacking charges in the US. Marcus Hutchins, the “MalwareTech” researcher who helped to find

Industry Insights

71 percent of IT professionals can successfully hack ANY organisation

Outpost24 has today announced the results of a survey of 155 IT professionals, which revealed that 71 percent believe they can successfully hack any organisation using one of four common

Industry Insights

Top eight security threats every small business CEO should know about

Cybercriminals work around the clock to create new threats, so small businesses must remain vigilant to a persistent and evolving threat. Cyber attacks are on the rise – according to


To Keep Them Safe Online, Teach Them to Phish

Security experts in Hamilton, Bermuda, yesterday hosted a live hacking demonstration showing event attendees the ease with which attackers are able to gain access to a corporate network through a


Are regulations keeping you from using good passwords?

Most companies are using password “best practices” that are out of date and ineffective. Regulations are getting in the way of changing them. I rarely go to a conference where


Salted Hash – SC 02: What a TSB phishing attack looks like

In this week’s video, watch a TSB phishing attack from start to finish, from the viewpoint of the criminal and victim. In April, TSB (a retail and commercial bank in

Industry Insights

10 Reasons not to Innovate your Cybersecurity

You’ve never been hacked before, and you’re confident you know where you critical or sensitive data is at all times. Why change something that’s working today? No business can ever


11 ways to hack 2FA

I love two-factor authentication (2FA), and I love being in IT when its merits are finally  appreciated and it is being deployed across a wide range of sites and services.


Hacking for fun and profit: How one researcher is making IoT device makers take security seriously

We should all be so lucky to enjoy our work as much as Ken Munro does.Generally attracted by research that “looks fun” and particularly interested in probing the security of