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The Real Takeaways From the Reddit Hack

On August 1st, US-based social news aggregation, web content, and discussion website, Reddit.com disclosed a data breach whose full impact has yet to be determined. Reddit said the breach was discovered on


86% of websites at risk from hackers for simple security oversight

Security scans performed on 218,000 Magento websites, the most popular e-commerce platform, revealed 86% are missing critical security patches, according a leading cyber security consultancy. The survey carried out last

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Cyber-Security: Preventing live chat data breaches

Whether you’re employing live chat operators or chatbots, protecting your business from a data breach has never been more important. Ticketing retailer Ticketmaster disclosed “a widespread hack that compromised the


Five key security tips to avoid an IoT hack

Recently, Russian PIR Bank lost $1,000,000 because of a compromised router that allowed hackers to gain entry into their local network. Why did it happen and how companies can protect themselves?  Malicious

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Four Long-Term Strategies To Improve Your Company’s Data Security

The following strategies are significant shifts you can use to improve your data security. They’ll take time and resources to implement. However, they all contribute to significantly better cybersecurity in


How to Address Email Encryption and Data Security

With Facebook hearings, and privacy changes across the board, data privacy and security has been at the top of everybody’s mind in recent months. In exchange for the convenience of

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Why trust is the biggest selling point for cybersecurity companies

Companies that lose the trust of their customers will have a hard time finding new clients.The European Union’s recent resolution to help strengthen member states’ cybersecurity measures was a clear

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Breach Accountability: Blaming the CISO vs An End to Shaming

Should a CISO carry the can if a business suffers damage from a hacking attack? This question must sit in the back of the average CISO’s mind more and more

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Hack like a CISO

Developing the security officers’ processes, strategies and techniques for managing their time, resources and teams.I have written several times over the last couple of years about how the role of

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White House Cybersecurity Strategy at a Crossroads

Fallout from a rapid-fire series of developments surrounding the 2016 election hacking and meddling by Russia continued today as President Donald Trump attempted to walk back his public dismissal yesterday