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77 Facts About Cyber Crime One Should Know in 2018

As a society, we cherish our right to privacy probably more than anything else. Sharing is great, and we all enjoy it, but there is always that other side, the

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Cryptocurrencies and the Revolution in Cybercrime Economics

Over the past year, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have increasingly gained publicity and media attention. The focus of the reporting has been primarily on cryptocurrencies as a financially speculative medium,


Security Community Must Grapple with AI’s Ascent

As a computer science student back in the 1980s, I was assigned to write a program that could play the ancient Chinese game of Go.It was a real challenge, and


What is a botnet? And why they aren’t going away anytime soon

Controlling thousands or even millions of devices gives cyber attackers the upper hand to deliver malware or conduct a DDoS attack. Botnets act as a force multiplier for individual attackers,

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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

By Reymart Jan Sarigumba  from iPrice Group 2017 was a disaster year for cyber security as phishing scams, hacking, data breaches, and many other forms of cyberattacks ran rampant globally,


Backdooring connected cars for covert remote control

We’ve all known for a while now that the security of connected cars leaves a lot to be desired. The latest proof of that sad state of affairs comes from

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Most healthcare breaches still come from hacking

In 2017 the number of individuals affected by breaches within the healthcare sector reached a four-year low. However, 71 percentof breaches in 2017 were due to hacking and IT incidents,

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Business leaders need to keep up with data breach headlines

New software also brings with it new threats to the overall security of an organisation, so understanding the potential risks and vulnerabilities software introduces is essential if businesses want to

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The economic impact of cybercrime? Almost $600 billion

Cybercrime costs businesses close to $600 billion, or 0.8 percent of global GDP, which is up from a 2014 study that put global losses at about $445 billion, according to

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2017 breaks record for new vulnerabilities

More than 20,000 new vulnerabilities were cataloged in 2017 according to breach analysis specialist Risk Based Security.The figures from the company’s own VulnDB eclipsed the total covered by MITRE’s Common