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Man in the Middle (MitM) attack – What is it and how to stay protected?

The first and foremost step in the Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack is to intercept internet traffic before it reaches its destination. Once the interception is achieved, the SSL traffic has to


A Hackers Take On Blockchain Security

One of the leading factors of the blockchain—aside from the obvious decentralization—is the high level of security behind it. It’s not uncommon to hear people claim that it is “unhackable.”

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Don’t Get Caught in a SMiShing Scam

The word ‘SMiShing’ may sound like gibberish — we think it’s a weird one — but some of the world’s largest enterprises are losing millions of dollars to these scams every year.


Beware of the Latest Punycode Attacks

Phishing attacks have gotten more sophisticated, especially those that leverage homographic, or Punycode, characters. These characters look like the ordinary Latin alphabet but substitute other language character sets to fool


Chrome Addresses Threat of Unicode Domain Spoofing – SecurityWeek.Com

Google on Wednesday released Chrome 58 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux to address 29 vulnerabilities, including an issue that rendered users vulnerable to Unicode domain phishing


Top Websites Fail to Prevent Email Spoofing | SecurityWeek.Com

More than half of Alexa top 500 domains allow email spoofing because their owners have failed to properly configure email servers, according to web security firm Detectify. Email spoofing has


Mr. Robot Shows Art Imitating Life – And it’s Not Sweet as Pi

By Ricardo Villadiego, CEO, Easy Solutions Mr. Robot Shows Art Imitating Life – And it’s Not Sweet as Pi Like me, may of you probably watched episode 4 of Mr

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Data breaches lead to surge of spoofing attacks

The number of attacks on businesses is trending up as crimeware tools gain traction providing tools to fraudsters to automate cybercrime attacks leveraging the customer data made available from breaches.


Cyber fraud set to get worse

Van der Walt says that the system promises to put a halt to further mobile network originated fraud by scanning realtime mobile signalling information, which allows banks to pick up


Microsoft blacklists latest rogue SSL certificates, Mozilla mulls sanctions for issuer

Microsoft has blacklisted a subordinate CA certificate that was wrongfully used to issue SSL certificates for several Google websites. The action will prevent those certificates from being used in Google