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Monitoring And Preparing For Emerging Coronavirus-Related Cyber Security Threats

The coronavirus is not just a global health crisis – increasingly, it is becoming a cyber security threat as well as more organizations move employees to remote work. Click here

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Concerned about Nation State Cyberattacks? Here’s how to Protect Your Organization

In light of recent geopolitical events, there is heightened concern of espionage, nation state attacks and hacktivism.  In 2019, there was a 42% increase in cyberattacks attributed to foreign governments. Cyberattacks


The Top 10 Employer Cybersecurity Concerns For Employees Regarding Remote Work

Employers are responding to COVID-19 by allowing, and even mandating remote working. Companies ranging from Amazon, Microsoft and Google to local design shops have asked employees to work from home. While


Cybersecurity: This attack is the most common threat you will face

Organisations are detecting higher numbers of phishing emails than before, while detection of malware and ransomware have halved. Almost half of businesses have experienced a cyberattack or data breach in

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Evasive malware increasing, evading signature-based antivirus solutions

Evasive malware has grown to record high levels, with over two-thirds of malware detected by WatchGuard in Q4 2019 evading signature-based antivirus solutions. Click here to view original webpage at www.helpnetsecurity.com

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Almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber attack in past year

Almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber security breach or attack during the past 12 months, rising to 68% of medium-sized firms and 75% of large enterprises, according to statistics released

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Companies must ensure cyber security, education for home workers: experts

As more people work from home, companies’ digital protections, data and financial information may be increasingly at risk as people toil outside their employers’ digital cocoons. Click here to view

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Cyber-Security Experts Come Together to Fight Coronavirus-Related Hacking

An international group of nearly 400 volunteers with expertise in cyber-security formed on Wednesday to fight hacking related to the Novel Coronavirus. Called the COVID-19 CTI League, for cyber threat

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New Security Report Shows Explosion in Evasive Malware in Q4 2019

Evasive malware grew to record high levels in 2019; over two-thirds of malware detected by WatchGuard in Q4 2019 evaded signature-based antivirus solutions, says a new report. Click here to view


What is Two-Factor Authentication? The Tip of the Security Spear

The average American is inundated with passwords. Requirements for new passwords, login failure notifications when they forget their password, and in some unfortunate cases, alerts that their information has been