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Using security cameras and infrared light to extract data from air-gapped networks

 Researchers have demonstrated that it’s possible for attackers to covertly exfiltrate data from and send data into an air-gapped network by using the infrared light capabilities of (indoor and outdoor)

Identity Theft

What is a fileless attack? How hackers invade systems without installing software

Cyber criminals don’t need to place malware on your system to get in. Fileless or zero-footprint attacks use legitimate applications or even the operating system.”We see it every day,” says


Top Tech Vendors Targeted by CCleaner Malware

A cyber-attack revealed this week which spread via popular performance optimization tool CCleaner was designed to target several major technology firms, it has emerged.Updates from both Cisco Talos and Avast


aIR-Jumper – A malware exfiltrates data via security cameras and infrared

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University developed a PoC malware dubbed aIR-Jumper that uses security cameras with Infrared capabilities to exfiltrate data.The team of researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the


Android Banking Trojan Red Alert 2.0 available for sale on crime forumsSecurity Affairs

Researchers with security firm SfyLabs have discovered a new Android banking Trojan, dubbed Red Alert 2.0, that is being offered for rent on many dark websites for $500 per month.“The


The three least effective enterprise security measures

Fifty-nine percent of respondents to a Bitglass survey at Black Hat USA 2017 identified phishing as the best data exfiltration strategy, as human error and ignorance will always be exploitable.Understandably,


Cybercriminals deploying assortment of banking Trojans and ransomware

Check Point revealed that banking trojans were extensively used by cybercriminals during August, with three variants appearing in the company’s latest Global Threat Impact Index.The Zeus, Ramnit and Trickbot banking


Malware attacks leverage the Hangul Word Processor and PostScript to spread malwareSecurity Affairs

It has happened again, attackers leveraged the Hangul Word Processor (HWP) word processing application to target users in South Korea.The application is very popular in South Korea and was exploited


Health & fitness industry: Time to take action on data security risks | ITProPortal

Given the volume and extent of personal and financial information routinely collected by leisure operators, our industry is not only a soft target but a particularly vulnerable one.There is now


Premium SMS malware EXPENSIVEWALL infected millions of Android handsetsSecurity Affairs

Google has removed 50 malicious apps from the official Play Store after experts with security firm Check Point discovered a new malware, dubbed ExpensiveWall, eluded the checks of the Google’s