How to Stay Protected Against Cyberattacks

By Chris Usatenko – EveryCloud,

It seems like not a day passes by that we hear about a huge data breach, affecting millions, or even billions of users and costing enormous amounts of money. How not when today we are experiencing record rates of cybercrime, with an increase of 11% from last year and 65% in the past five years? From $3 million in 2015 up to $6 million annually until 2021, the damages cybercriminals are inflicting are mind-blowing.

Even if you are perfectly cautious and are investing in strong cyber protection, you still might have been one of those users whose data was stolen, without even knowing it. Until August this year, staggering 4.1 billion records where exposed, with email addresses and passwords being the main targets

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated by the day, but the methods are essentially the same. The human error remains the number one reason with over 90% for successful cyberattacks. Social engineering techniques like phishing, are producing the most results for cybercriminals, which is why it has surged in the past few months

What remains as a huge vulnerability are weak passwords, like 83% of Americans who don’t go to greater lengths to protect their accounts. These include too much personal information, which could be easily found on the web and social media like their personal name, the name of their pet, birthday, name of their favorite hobby, etc. An even greater risk is the re-use of weak passwords, which is what more than half of the users in America are doing.

The threat of cybercrime is growing each day and there is nothing we can do about it. But there are certain steps and precautions we can take to minimize the possibilities of becoming its victim. These include investing in advanced cybersecurity, education, training, staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends, and most importantly, using strong business and personal passwords, which are not re-used and are changed frequently.

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