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Consumers Want IoT Toys Regardless of Security, Survey Reports

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, American consumers are likely to be buying more connected Internet of Thing (IoT) toys and devices in 2017 than ever before. With those

Mobile Software

Mobile Malware Incidents Hit 100% of Businesses

Attempted malware infections against BYOD and corporate mobile devices are expected to continue to grow, new data shows.Every business with BYOD and corporate mobile device users across the globe has

Industry Insights

Lastline Reveals Predictions and Trends For the 2018 Cyberthreat Landscape

By Noe Sacoco Jr -PM director at Lastline, Company predicts continued rise in cybercrime will be met with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning as emerging methods to counteract


Q3 Sees a Whopping 400M Malware Infections

There were nearly 400 million malware incidents around the world in the third quarter, permeating throughout every nation-state on the planet.According to Comodo Threat Research Labs’ Q3 2017 global report,


Are we creating a secure Enterprise Internet of Things?

By Steve Hashman -Director of Marketing  at CUBE,

IT Compliance

GDPR – managing your data has just become more important

Implementing good data strategies now will result in improved data quality for businesses, and also their customers. Data of any kind is one of the most important assets any organisation

Identity Theft

New Report: 30% of CEO Emails Exposed in Breaches

The phrase “new normal” usually offers little comfort — particularly when stolen secrets are in the mix.It’s true. Data breaches have become so commonplace that we’re nearly numb to them.

Vendor News

Survey highlights disconnect between security expectations and reality

A new survey of IT decision makers shows that 89 percent are confident their organizations are in a good position to protect themselves from attacks, but four out of 10


Financial Impact of NotPetya Ransomware Attack Continues to Spread

Multiple organizations over the course of 2017 have attempted to quantify the impact of ransomware with varying results. One of the best sources on measuring the financial impact of ransomware


Three Keys to DDoS Defence: Monitor, Protect, Communicate

In late 2016, the DDoS landscape changed. The Mirai botnet was responsible for the first DDoS attack on record to exceed 1 Tbps. Before that, the largest was around 600 Gbps. At