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Identity Theft

The Most Common Hack Is Also the Most Successful. Here’s How to Fight It

Despite what movies might show, most hacks don’t involve frantic typing or brute-force attacks. In fact, Verizon’s “2017 Data Breach Investigations” report revealed that 90 percent of successful hacks aren’t


File-Based Malware: Considering A Different And Specific Security Approach

The cybersecurity solutions landscape has evolved from simple but effective signature-based scanning solutions to sandboxing—the isolating layer of security between your system and malware—and, most recently, to sophisticated detection methods.


Do advances in voice technology pose a threat to enterprise security?

A new study from Aeriandi has highlighted UK organisations’ contradictory attitudes towards the voice channel, increasing the chances of their customers’, employees’ and partners’ data being exposed to unauthorised parties


The Lack Of Medical Device Security — Accidents Waiting To Happen

Whether it’s one of those cases where the truth is stranger than fiction is a matter of opinion, but one thing’s for sure, the network security gurus who relentlessly preach


Innovation in healthcare: A hacker’s dream and CISO’s nightmare?

It’s hard not to be excited about artificial intelligence and machine learning in pure technology terms, but applying these innovations to the healthcare sector has the potential to do truly great things

Hardware/Network Software

Organizations Operating in the Digital World Need Multiple Layers of Defense

If cyber attacks seem to be escalating, it’s because they are. Every day seems to bring news of yet another major data breach, and increasingly it’s happening to to big


Safeguarding society in the digital age: The Intelligence Network

BAE Systems, Vodafone and CyLon have formed a collaborative taskforce for safeguarding society in the digital age: The Intelligence Network ‘When discussing the cyber security landscape with our customers, partners


Four common API vulnerabilities and how to prevent them

Proper security measures are one of the most important aspects of building an application programming interface, or API. It’s great for an API to connect systems and give developers access


The Next Big Cyber-Attack Vector: APIs

With cyber-attacks on enterprise networks becoming more sophisticated, organizations have stepped up perimeter security by investing in the latest firewall, data and endpoint protection, as well as intrusion prevention technologies.


Two-Factor Inauthentication – The Rise In SMS Phishing Attacks

There are countless ways to carry out a cyber attack, but for the vast majority the key is deception – typically involving identity deception in which the attacker poses as