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Cyber Attacks History In Higher Education

The Higher Education sector increasingly attracts hackers due to huge amounts of critical information its systems store. This data refers to personal information of employees and students along with top

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Cybersecurity Tools That Every Business Should Consider in 2019

Businesses ignoring cyber security has become a thing of the past. With the sudden increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches, cybersecurity remains at the front of many business leaders’ minds.

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Cybersecurity 2019: Predictions you can’t ignore

As we move forward to 2019, expect credit card and payment information theftto continue to rise. Yes, this isn’t a major surprise; however, if organizations can better address the reasons for


13 Malware-Laden Fake Apps on Google Play

A security researcher used Twitter to warn users about about malware embedded in fake apps available on Google Play. Lukas Stefanko, malware researcher at ESET, reported the malicious apps to

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Cyber Security Implementation: Firms Want It, But Less Do It, Finds Survey

Most respondents to a survey says cyber security implementation is critical, but only half think they are resilient enough to protect against cyber attacks. Despite 99% of respondents stating that

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Cybersecurity Is Getting Its Own Agency

Without any notable opposition to the Senate’s version of the bill, the House agreed to a reorganization of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Act earlier this week, according


The Role of Blockchain in Data Security

The rapid advances in digital technology over the past several decades have also brought to the fore new challenges around data privacy and security. As a result, hacks, identity theft


Telecommuting means your security needs are changing. Is your company caught up?

Collaborative apps are vulnerable to cyberattacks, both outside the office and inside, and all it takes is one well-executed attack for hackers to be able to drop their malware into

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Destructive Cyberattacks Spiked in Q3

Instead of simply fleeing when discovered, adversaries are actively engaging with incident response teams, a new Carbon Black study finds. New data gathered from more than three dozen providers of


Overcoming Common SD-WAN Security Mistakes

Digital transformation is about much more than moving workflows to the cloud and adopting IoT. It is about retooling the entire network to make it faster, more efficient, much more