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Island Hopping: Growing Threats to the Aviation & Logistics Industry

By Jason Madey, Security Strategist at  Carbon Black When we think about the industries that have the most to lose from a serious cyber attack, our minds probably immediately go

IT Compliance

What is enterprise risk management? How to put cybersecurity threats into a business context

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is the process of assessing risks to identify both threats to a company’s financial well-being and opportunities in the market. The goal of an ERM program

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Growing intrusion trends: A perspective on today’s most sophisticated cyberattacks

According to a new CrowdStrike report, the technology, professional services, and hospitality sectors were targeted most often by cyber adversaries. The actors used a variety of novel tactics, demonstrating particular

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Top cybersecurity facts, figures and statistics for 2018

Looking for hard numbers to back up your sense of what’s happening in the cybersecurity world? We dug into studies and surveys of the industry’s landscape to get a sense

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Information Security Advice For Small And Medium Business

Most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) do not have enough defenses in place to protect, detect or react to attacks, making them an easy target for cyber attackers. In


Software testing and cyber-security: The forgotten defence

There is one critical way by which you can stay one-step ahead and that’s by ensuring your defensive software is doing its job.Cyber-attacks can take a variety of forms from

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Quantifying a firm’s security levels may strengthen security over time

Cyberattacks grow in prominence each and every day; in fact, 2017 was the worst year to-date for data breaches, with the number of cyber incidents targeting businesses nearly doubling from

Network Security

Has your corporate network been weaponised? Island hopping can compromise your brand and your country

By Rick McElroy – Security Strategist at  Carbon Black Since the dawn of the internet geopolitical tension has been the harbinger of increased cyberattacks. Over the years we have witnessed

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Cyber security in the energy sector: Rolling out a strategy in the face of disruption – Part 3

This is the final article in a three part series looking at cyber security in the energy sector. Here, Information Age looks at how energy companies can best roll out

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The increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks means stronger strategies are needed in financial organisations

This five per cent increase on last year’s figure signals that cyber-attacks are the most challenging risk to manage.Cyber-attacks are on the rise and the UK financial system is at