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Cyber Smart Staff Are The First Line Of Defence

The City of London Police announced that they will be hiring a team of cyber detectives, amid growing concerns of cyber-attacks throughout London. While these detectives will no doubt be

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Poor router security is making Brits vulnerable to cyberattacks

UK consumers are putting themselves at risk of attack by failing to update the security protection on home hardware such as routers.A study by Avast has found that many users

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Don’t forget the basics in the battle against cybercrime

It’s possible to be too clever. Sometimes, in our efforts to combat increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks perpetrated by well-resourced hackers, we can become mesmerised by potential threats and pour all our

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What Does The 2018 World Cup Teach Us About Resilience?

The World Cup draws upon us again this summer, a sporting event that will no doubt delight football fans across the globe. With the squads confirmed and the kick off date set for

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HealthEquity Breach Affects 23,000

HealthEquity, a custodian of more than 3.4 million health savings accounts, has had a data breach after one employee’s email account was accessed by an unauthorized person. HealthEquity also handles flexible


Batten Down the Hatches against Crypto-Mining Pirates

Cryptocurrency mining relies on the computational power of the system used to create the currency and process the transactions. Many are realizing that the computational power, which requires a huge

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Working through the cybersecurity skills gap

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of qualified personnel in the field of cybersecurity. It’s a problem that has long been noticed and one that is projected to get


We need to talk about application security

Threats to the application layer is not a new thing, but it has been becoming more and more prevalent over the past number of years. The rise in attacks stems


Are you the biggest threat to your employer?

The trusted insider has always been a security risk – whether an executive with access to sensitive information or an administrator on an enterprise network. But according to a recent

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Cyber-Physical Systems Are at Risk

Cyber-physical Systems (CPSs) have become the core components of safety-critical infrastructures such as smart grid, Building Automation Networks (BANs) and water/sewage plants.CPSs bridge the cyber and the physical worlds by