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Cyberwar against NATO: Who are Earworm and APT28?

There is a group of cybercriminals who are really making things difficult for NATO. The group is called Earworm and, over the last few years, it has been doing what

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Part One: Understanding cyber security in accountancy

Emmy Hawker takes a deep dive into cyberspace, assessing how prepared accountancy firms and practices are for the ever-growing threat of cyber-crime. In June 2018, the UK’s technology sector was


Who are the biggest targets of credential stuffing attacks?

Media organizations, gaming companies, and the entertainment industry are among the biggest targets of credential stuffing attacks, in which malicious actors tap automated tools to use stolen login information to

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Why cyber security needs to be prioritised at board level

There is growing evidence that cyber attacks are now deliberately targeting executives and board members – not businesses themselves – which shows that attackers believe this group is particularly vulnerable as well


80 Eye-Opening Cyber Security Statistics for 2019

It’s an interesting and challenging time to be working in the cyber security industry. By and large, research indicates that cybercrime is on the rise — news headlines support these

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Cyberattacks becoming more costly and focused, UK government figures show

By Jon Abbott, CEO at ThreatAware, While fewer businesses are suffering cyberattacks or breaches, attacks are becoming more costly and targeted, according to the latest government figures released today. The

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5 Cybersecurity Myths Banks Should Stop Believing

This isn’t news to bankers. In Cornerstone Advisors’ annual What’s Going On in Banking study, cybersecurity has been a top concern of C-level bank and credit union execs for the past few


How ransomware continues to target businesses and what to do about it

Criminals use ransomware because it allows them to make an easy profit. It takes time to make money from data dump attacks: criminals have to find a buyer for the

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35+ Powerful Cybersecurity Statistics to Know in 2019

Cyberattacks are nothing new, but they’re a growing problem for all types of businesses across all industries. Depending on the severity of the attack, there are a variety of defense

Identity Theft

The rise of employees stealing data: how do businesses stop this from happening?

Employees currently think of stealing data, or taking corporate data with them, as a similar offence to taking paper clips home – technology, education and reassurance are required to stop