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Security automation can help IT teams limit cyberattack risks

Attacks are becoming largely automated forcing security solutions to provide multiple layers of defence. Basic forms of automation in IT management could already greatly help in keeping networks and infrastructure


Signing Up for Benefits? Beware of Phishing Attacks

In addition to being National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in the US, October also marks the beginning of a lucrative two-month phishing season. Over the next two months, the


In Blockchain, There is no Checkmate

During my time as a Chairman of NATO’s Intelligence Committee and advising government and private companies on cybersecurity, I have noticed the same hacker-shaped hole in the industry. For the

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Why Cyber-Criminals Are Attacking Healthcare — And How To Stop Them

The last five years has seen a surge of attacks on the healthcare industry, with the largest breaches impacting as many as 80 million people. In July this year, it


Software testing and cyber-security: The forgotten defence

There is one critical way by which you can stay one-step ahead and that’s by ensuring your defensive software is doing its job.Cyber-attacks can take a variety of forms from

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The 3 Components of Every Good Cybersecurity Plan

No matter your business’s size, you are a target for someone. Cybercriminals are now more numerous than ever, and they have a threat surface larger than any we’ve ever seen

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A National Cybersecurity Strategy: Better Late Than Never

Network security issues are addressed in this image of a bank vault door open to a complex pattern of blue light trails. Late last week the White House released America’s

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A law enforcement view of emerging cybercrime threats

Cybercriminals are adopting creative new techniques to target their victims at an unprecedented pace and are constantly seeking methods to avoid law enforcement detection. To stay ahead of them, law


Network Segmentation: How To Make It Work For You, Every Day

Corporate networks have quickly become more and more complex. Change requests are regularly processed in the hundreds by IT security teams, which are then applied to company owned network devices.  


SMBs Fear Phishing, Fall Short on Cyber Training

In surveying 500 small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the US, Webroot discovered that many fail to recognize the many cybersecurity threats their businesses face, in large part because they lack in-house